in the garden in mid june

i thought it might be nice to chronicle some of our gardening adventures here on the blog, as last summer i think i managed just one or two gardening posts i thought this year i might get an early start.

let's start with the front of the house. our restorated wagon is still looking beautiful, i used the idea with the old rainboots which adds such a playful touch i am thinking of placing a second pair there. also in the front is our apple tree, on which i am counting 3 apples. this is more about having a pretty tree in the yard than about harvesting much though. we live just a short drive away from europe's largest fruit producing region, so we know where to go for our apples ;)

i have green beans everywhere. in a bean teepee in the back garden, in a pot on the terrace and in a raised bed. the slugs have been terrible last year, but this year regular slug hunting and placing coffee and grounded egg shells around the little stems has helped a little. still, i'm not taking any chances which is why i chose multiple spots for the beans in hopes that at least some of them will make it. you can see some of my lavendar in the photo as well, last year i didn't make anything with it, i am  planning on making some soap but we'll have to see about that.

on the side of the house are our raised beds. i dropped everything that didn't work well last year, like radishes and carrots, and am sticking with what worked well, so there are only squash/pumpkins and green beans in there. behind the raised beds are our potatoes.

new this year is our little greenhouse. with our climate and the fair amount of rain we get here we never had a chance of growing tomatoes. now we have a few tomato plants in the greenhouse, as well as cucumber, which is growing very well, and we have been feasting on salad for quite a few weeks already. just infront of the greenhouse is the kid's garden patch. we are trying to grow some flowers for a cutting garden, we'll see how that goes.

in the back of the garden is our bean teepee. as i said i'm trying hard to keep the slugs away for the little plants to make it through these first weeks. i hope it works! not pictured are our blackberry bushes, that are yet to bloom but they are very dependable so i'm confident we'll have a good blackberry harvest come august/september.

so, what's growing around your garden these days??


Kim said...

Look at your greenhouse, it is beautiful!!!! Everything is looking great around your garden. Have fun out there.

simona said...

Your garden looks fantastic, so many different things growing. And the whole greenhouse idea is great, too!
I hope soon I'll get around to doing more in the garden as it will finally stop raining, and my schedule is hopefully freeing up in about two weeks. Maybe :)

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