make a magic bottle - a tutorial

Good morning everybody! It's time for another crafty tutorial, don't you think? So today, we'd like to share how to make a magic bottle. We've shared a tutorial last year about how to make snow domes already, but for those of you who would like something magical on your desk or windowsill all year, why not make a magic bottle?
It even involves a few less steps then the snow globes. Plus you don't need to let any glue dry. It's an instant gratification project, and who doesn't love that? So, let's get started!

Gather the ingredients:

What you will need:
•  a clear, empty bottle (I used one with a cork but lids work as well)
•  distilled water
•  glycerin (i bought mine at the pharmacy)
•  glitter flakes, sequins, light plastic beads - anything that sparkles and is
    light enough to float around
•  some pretty twine or lace to wrap around the bottleneck

Make your bottle:

•  pour distilled water and glycerin into the bottle at a ratio of 1:1
•  add glitter flakes, sequins and whatever else you want in your bottle
•  close the bottle
•  wrap pretty lace or twine or both around the bottle neck
•  if you're giving your bottle away you might want to add a tag to tell the recipient
    what this bottle is about

Give the bottle a good shake, hold it against the light or sunshine and enjoy the swirling and twirling and sparkling!

In reply to some of the questions that appeared here in the comments:

Ratio 1:1 means 1 part destilled water, 1 equal part glycerin. So if i.g. you use 1 cup of destilled water, you would need 1 cup of glycerin. 

The glycerin we used is LIQUID glycerin. You can get it in a pharmacy or check any store that sells beauty products. You will also find it online!

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Tracey ~ Clover said...

That is so pretty! I even have the gylcerin so all I need is the distilled water to make a few here! I have a little girl who is going to be thrilled! Thanks.

simona said...

I love how simple the project is with such spectacular results! You're a genius, Schwesterherz :*

Pure Ella said...

Ok. so cute! I need to show this one to my 4 year old ;) She will love making it ;)
via laura emily's blog

Marianne said...

Your snowdomes were excellent - but this bottle is outstanding. Thank you for the beautiful idea!

Amalia said...

It's really beautiful!I will make one for me and one for my best friend! :)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh pretty! Now I know why I saved that nice olive-oil bottles (and why I rinced them thourougly and even cooked them clean).
Adding to my ToDo list on Pinterest :)
Hmm thinking a bit more about this...does it work good in plastic bottles too? Or do some of the ingredients react to it? (My little boy is only 8 months, so if I would make something like this for him now it woul have to be in a plastic bottle which I would glue shut & add no outer decoration to it.)

Sara {home is where the cookies are} said...

I love this idea. It seems like such a quiet-time stimulator! It would be great in a plastic bottle for kids, right?

Anonymous said...

so pretty! question- would it work if you just had the glycerin? because my mom said if you add the water, then it would lose the thick substance its supposed to have, and the sequins and glitter would not float.. but it obviously works for you, which i tried telling her, but she insists. so what is the purpose of adding distilled water? i just want it to turn out nice, you know :)

sylvia said...

@ daqudoodles: content-wise nothing speaks against using plastic bottles, i'm pretty sure it would work!
@anonymous: i'm sure if you used only glycerin the contents would certainly float a lot more. i doubt that you would be able to properly shake the bottle or snow globe though, which is part of all the fun! there are many tutorials around the web that mention nothing of glycerin (or just a dash of it), but i got best results when using it with at least the ratio 1:1.
destilled water (as opposed to regular tap water) is recommended because it stays clear for a lot longer.
have fun creating!!

Anonymous said...

thank you.. it turned out beautiful! i wrapped it in a big red bow and gave it to my friend for christmas and she loved it! and my moms friend came over and saw it, and now she wants to make one herself! :) thanks for making this and sharing it with us. merry Christmas!

Katie @ Mash Potato Moments said...

I found your blog today and have been reading back through your previous posts and I'm in love. You have such a great blog, and I especially love all your artsy creations. I'll have to try my hand at a few one day. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you.

Anonymous said...

This idea is so wonderful! I want to do this for a birthday gift! But here's a problem: I've been looking for glycerin and haven't found it, when I ask to the employees they don't know what I'm talking about. There are different types of glycerin (liquid, tablets, soap), In which type should I get it? and, what do you mean adding glycerin and destilled water in a ratio 1;1? Please let me now :)

Anonymous said...

can you add food coloring to it as well?

Madi said...

This is great!
Any advise on wear I could get some of the bottles with corks?

Unknown said...

How do you think these would look as centerpieces for a reception?

Anonymous said...

cool idea!!!!! Thanks :)

Unknown said...

it looks awesome. Thanks for the tutorial

Paula said...

Love this glitter bottle idea..and most all of your ideas..but this one I have everything on hand and will be making some and sharing them with family & friends!!!

Unknown said...

It looks awesome. But what do u mean on the 1:1 ratio

Unknown said...

The glycerin is very liquid... or maybe it is glucose?
Why the result is like viscous?

sylvia said...

In reply to some of the questions that appeared here in the comments:

Ratio 1:1 means 1 part destilled water, 1 equal part glycerin. So if i.g. you use 1 cup of destilled water, you would need 1 cup of glycerin.

The glycerin we used is LIQUID glycerin. You can get it in a pharmacy or check any store that sells beauty products! You will also find it online!

Happy crafting!

Donna G. said...

Walmart carries glycerin.

BluKatKraft said...

What a cute idea! Thanks:)

Unknown said...

So cute!
I am going to do this for my little sister and myself! :D

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