"reading between the lines" - expressionistic painting

this is the first painting in the series that i named "the letter" in my little art notepad. when i was working on my last expressionistic painting i thought of one area within the painting to resemble handwriting. this further inspired the idea of abstract writing that will mean to the observer whatever meaning they project into it. after sleeping over it and dwelling on that idea, i had a conversation with a friend about the impact of hand written letters. 

"reading between the lines" is about a handwritten letter that had been written with a lot of forethought, a lot of emotion involved, and a lot of courage to write these thoughts. but not all of it can be discerned when reading just the words, you need to read between the lines to get the full picture. 

i'm just wondering when it was that i wrote my last hand written letter...  it was a few weeks ago when i sent a handmade 'get well soon' card to a friend. and around the same time i sent my sister sylvia a parcel that included a letter which took forever to arrive at her house. 

when was the last time you hand wrote a letter?

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sylvia said...

i wrote to jeff when he was back in germany!!
i love LOVE L O V E that painting! could stare at it for ages!

Tonya said...

I seriously cannot remember the last time I wrote a handwritten letter. As a young adult, I worked at a summer camp, and I would keep in touch with all my friends via letters. It seems so antiquated now!

Marianne said...

The last time I sent a handwritten letter was the day before yesterday. Yes, indeed, I'm "oldfashioned" :))
In fact, ever since 1995 my dear penfriend (from the other side of Germany) and I have been exchanging handwritten letters at least once a week!! (Maybe we'll end up in the Guiness-Book some day, ha, ha). A wonderful friendship developed; and added to our collection of letters are now many parcels with handmade gifts, trips and even visits together with our dear husbands.

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