meet the ants

hello and welcome! we are the artsy ants, sylvia and simona, two sisters living an ocean apart, busy making art on our ant hills while caring for our colonies. we're passionate about paint on our fingers, lovely design, thrift stores, snapping away, kissing baby feet and skype!

this is the space where we share our work, news, shop updates, inspiring online finds and anything else that inspires us in real life.

why ants? well, while they were not our parents' best friends in our childhood garden, we loved watching them and exploring their world each day. we found them to be ever busy teamplayers, almost indestructible and very creative!

if you'd like to find out more about us you can click here to read an introductory blog post about the artsy ants.

you can find sylvia's writing portfolio here.

[photo by Caroline Korb]

simona's art portfolio: artbyswt
visit our etsy shop: artsyants
visit our redbubble shop: artsyants
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