diy seasonal home decor: paper snowflakes

it's been on my mind to make paper snowflakes. i had plans already last year, but just didn't get round to doing it. so i made a snowstorm instead, which i hung up again also this year. i love a snow-y, wintery feel around our home while we're waiting for the "real" thing. 

so during the little man's naptime yesterday, i sat infront of the computer armed with scissors and paper (orange transparent paper and just regular white) and followed these instructions (i also had this tutorial bookmarked) to make my own, freestyle paper snowflakes.

these are the white paper ones that i hung up in the little one's bedroom. they look black against the light (look at that dreary weather out there) but below you can see how they actually look like.

while i was snipping away, simona called on skype. she felt inspired to start some herself, so we had a paper snowflake skype session.  show us what you made, simona!

alright, so i saw the snowflakes sylvia was making and was intrigued by this simple craft we did as kids. to quickly recall how these are made i googled and found pages like this one here to get back into it, but soon i started "free styling" as sylvia called it.

you know, i can get obsessed with details so it was a good thing that i needed to quit the snow-flaking business and move on with life. there are some crazy intricate ones to be found online, amazing!

what i noticed is that the more precise you are with folding the paper before cutting the better the results will be.

this is how they look folded and cut. it's really exciting to make these, it's a surprise each time when you get to unfold your snowflake to see for the first time what you've just created.

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trudi@maudeandme said...

The kids I and have been on a snowflake frenzy this year. But nothing as stunning as these. Thanks for the links!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

We make snowflakes every year and hang them in the windows, it's usually the only snow we see!:)
Yours are quite beautiful.

Viktoria said...

I love this old technic since I was a child! ...thanks for sharing it!
and like in nature, each snowflake is absolutely unique!!

amy said...

We've started making some already and I see more in our future. Yours are gorgeous!

Jackie @ Fred-and-Cissy said...

Wow - your snowflakes look so much better than the ones the Schoolboy and I made a few years back - much more detailed on the cutting front.

Anonymous said...

I use basket style coffee filters to begin with!

Solar Panels said...

These are so pretty :)

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