simple fall crafts: a roundup

unfortunately, i caught my first cold of the season, so the sniffles are keeping me in bed/on the couch/in any cozy spot i can find as much as my two littles will allow me. we have not been that busy fall crafting yet this year, but i'm sure there's still plenty ahead... and as we have shared autumnal craftiness over the past years, i thought you might enjoy a small reminder/roundup! have fun!

here are some of our favorite fall/autumn themed craft ideas and diy tutorials:

1. mug cozy

2. leaf animals

3. fingerstamping a colourful tree

4. leaf glow jar

5. make a chestnut worm

6. waxing leaves


simona said...

I still love these ideas! Actually, I had forgotten about some of them so thanks for the reminder :)

Heart Box Studio said...

These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing! XO

Unknown said...

Oh waxing leaves, I really want to try that one.

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