a sisterly yarn along

after a few weeks absence, i'm joining yarn along again. i have been knitting and reading, only there was nothing new to share. i struggled through Three Junes. from a literary aspect, it is indeed an accomplished novel. but i personally found it so hard to like the characters, that was weird. i created sort of a distance to them which made it hard to finish the novel. i don't remember the last time something like that happened to me in reading.
i have now started When God Was a Rabbit, one of the books danielle left here for me. it's a story about siblings and i have read a few comments in this linkup already about how it is a quirky read, so i am hopeful that i will like the characters ;)

i have also finally almost finished the upsized puerperium, i just need to find some funky yellow buttons. as soon as they are on, i will share photos of it (on baby!)

now i really need to continue my badly neglected garden sweater. gardening seasons (not just on a balcony), are ahead of me... but this is a subject for another post. so i won't stress myself about not having finished it last fall, late summer will be fine as well.

i have a skein of this delicious lana grossa yarn left with which i had made my february hat. i am now thinking, another hat or maybe a cowl (though it might not be enough yardage for that). i have plenty of mitts but it might be nice to have some matching the hat? what do you think?

i think for your february hat, sylvia, you could make a pretty pin of some sorts using that yarn to pin on your jacket. if you do have enough yarn then a cowl would be neat.

so before everybody else gets to say what they've been working on, i also have a few items to show you. i made a mug cozy for a little friend that does not like her chai tea mug too hot when it it freshly brewed. and the green scarf i was working on last week is completed, gladly i remembered to take pictures of both before i gave them away.

and do tell, what have you been knitting and reading?


Tracey ~ Clover said...

Sylvia, that is a very lovely skein of yarn and I think matching mitts to your hat sounds like a good idea.
More than balcony gardening? I can't wait to hear what you are up to.
Simona, did you crochet the buttons on the cosy? I think it is so cute and so is the green scarf.
I have been on a green kick lately, it may turn out to be my color for the year.
Happy Wednesday.

sylvia said...

That green scarf is just gorgeous. Perfect spring piece, I would say! You rock the hook, Simona ;))

karen said...

I just love it when the two of you post together!! Sylvia I hope you get lots more time for knitting, Simona-love your scarf and how lacy it looks. Happy crafting to the two of you!

Unknown said...

I love both your projects!! Simona the green scarf is BEAUTIFUL. I love the sparkle in it! Sylvia I read When God was a Rabbit a few months ago. It is a very quirky read but I enjoyed it. Something different then what I usually read!!

Alisa said...

beautiful projects....love the mug cozy!!

Kim said...

I love your sisterly posts :) Everything looks so beautiful!

house full of jays said...

So much fun when you ladies post together!

Sylvia - I love the global warming sweater and added it to my favourites. Perhaps this year...? That lana grossa is so pretty - could you double knit it with a matching yarn to make a cowl?

Simona - Your completed scarf is so lovely! The green is so cherry. A touch of spring in the wintertime.

I'm halfway through my downton cowl and getting distracted by children's hats - a happy knitting distraction, though.

Lori ann said...

what a fun post, lovely knits, i see sparkle!

Gina @ Oaxacaborn said...

I've been working on an alpaca hat commissioned by my brother-in-law, but haven't read books lately other than picture books to A. :)

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