the bicycle and the newsboy cap

i have pages over pages of ideas and sketches for paintings and drawings i want to create,
am working on more projects at the same time than i can count on fingers and toes,
and am very torn between the different types of art and crafts that i have come to love, wondering which of them i should further pursue and develop.

in between all of that madness going on in my mind i sometimes complete projects. today, for example, i made a wire bicycle, something i had wanted to do for a long time. really, bikes were among the first sculptures i ever made back as a kid. now, most of all, i was curious to see how my wire bikes would come out today, after a little more experience in wire sculpting.

bicycle wire art  -FOR SALE-

then i did a gauge swatch for a new crochet hat, but for some reason i was quite off with my gauge so i'll have to start over. but talking about hats, i think i never showed you a picture of the finished newsboy cap for my nephew. it's in the mail somewhere between the u.s. and germany as we speak, but this is the picture i took before i sent off the parcel. can't wait to see him wear it!

as a quick reminder: if you like to sketch along with me, this week's sketch prompt is "cold". i think it's an easier and more versatile subject to sketch as the ones i came up with before. can't wait to see on sunday what you've come up with!

have wonderful, artsy day!


sylvia said...

wow, that bicycle turned out great. your first bikes are still on mama and papa's fireplace. i'm thinking we might continue this tradition with more bikes and other quirky wire art sculptures on the mantlepiece??

and i also cannot wait to see spencer in that adorable cap!!!

Lori said...

love your wire bike!

karen said...

You are so talented!! I don't know how you do it with your wire art!!

Kim said...

Love your bike, amazing!! Such a cute hat.

Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

Your wire bike is fantastic Simona! And that newsboy cap is adorable - love the button xx

Marianne said...

The wire bike is perfect. How I love your wire art! And, yes, we admire your very first wire-bicycles (from way back in 5th grade!) every single day.
Oh, how much I'm looking forward to admire little Spencer wearing your hat.
With special hugs today = World Hugging Day ;))

Gina @ Oaxacaborn said...

That wire bike! If I tried something like that, it would look like a seriously disturbed paperclip accident ;)

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