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the weekly art challenge
by the artsy ants

every sunday the artsy ants will publish a theme which is to be sketched during the following week. you can take that theme literally, or you can let it spark your creativity, develop that topic, and see where it leads you. the following sunday, come back and link up your sketches for all to see.

the sketch theme for this week was:  HANDS
you can link up your specific blog post, flickr upload, etc.
the link collection will be open all week long in case you're not yet ready to link up today.

now let's see what you have sketched this past week! here just a few guidelines:
  • encourage other participants by visiting their posts, letting them know how much you enjoy their sketches
  • keep your submissions family friendly
  • follow artsy ants and link back to us if you have a blog or website

see at the end of this post what the new theme of the week will be!

since the main reason for starting this challenge is getting myself motivated to sketch more, i need to also show you some of my "hands". i realize now how badly i need to sketch more, i got so rusty! sketching is so different from making a detailed drawing, the quick and spontaneous element of it is something i really need to train myself at again. 

next week's sketch theme is:  


Open Roads Mama said...

fantastic idea! will be sure to join in next time!!! :)

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I pulled my sketch book out four days in a row and worked on hands, now I just need to get a photo to post.
Thank you for the nudge I needed to get back to something I really do enjoy doing. I don't have your talent,but it's still fun!
Oh, and your hands look great!

simona said...

@ Tracey: Four days in a row is really good! Can't wait to take a peek :-)
And your new profile pic is beautiful!

Kim said...

Beautiful sketches.

sylvia said...

a very hard prompt for me but i'm proud i was able to join in anyway :)

simona said...

@ sylvia: sorry, didn't mean to make it hard! thanks for joining though!
i think the topic "cold" for next week is easier, isn't it?

Courtney said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea and am gonna do my best to join in the fun!

KatEzat said...

I love this new link up, great idea Simona!

Once I get my hands on some art supplies I might join in. Hands are a challenging start, I used to really like drawing feet, dunno why... haha.

Sketchbook Wandering said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog & for your comment. And now you have re-inspired me, & I love how this works at this blogspot. I will enjoy browing through more of your sketches! I like the grace of motion I see in your hands. Rita

Gina @ Oaxacaborn said...

Hands are so very difficult to draw -- but yours are wonderful!

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