there's a bit of a chicken obsession going on here... :)) i have been reading in this book and am dreaming of my coop of lovely ladies. i know it will happen someday... sooner or later. but when it does, i reckon it's cool to be prepared, hee hee.

in the meantime, some of this might keep me chicken-inspired?

a pretty basket full of eggs! always good to have on hand for a quick, nutritious meal.

this cup i have owned for hm... almost 30 years?

or this sweet little lady from here


simona said...

the top picture looks like the fresh eggs you bought today at the farm. i bet they're delicious!

Teresa said...

Oh I love that you also have a chicken obsession. Thanks to our two naughty live wires out the back I have become a little chicken obsessed myself. I have been working on some new softie toy chickens - an update of my earlier ones...if you want to email me you address and colour preference I will send you one for Spencer....hope he likes polka dots :)

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