wool bubbles - mixed media

although i haven't gotten into knitting or crocheting yet i have experimented with yarn. having helped my hubby make chalk lines when he laid tiles i had the idea of using that simple yet fascinating technique with paint.

what you do to make chalk lines is hold the string (loaded with chalk) tight over the floor and then snap it to make a nice straight line. so i "loaded" my yarn with paint and snapped it on the canvas repeatedly until i was happy with the result. this is how the messy looking gray and red lines developed. to add to the fun of experimenting i felt in the mood for mixing media, namely, including and integrating the wool yarn in my picture.

this is how this "wool bubble" / "swiss cheese in motion" painting was created. it was part of my kitchen decoration in our last apartment, this is where we had the beautiful burgundy wall you see as a backdrop in the first picture.

one of the things i want to do more often is being experimental with my paining techniques. i bought a book that had some neat ideas for inspiration. but before i recommend it to you i'll try and test it out some more.

have you ever had a craft experiment absolutely not work out?
i'm sure i have but i can't remember at the moment. but i'd love to hear about your experiences if you have any!


sylvia said...

hey, i did this snapping at bornmoor to lay the lines for the future stages, cool, hey?

Love swiss cheese in motion, haha!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

loving this!!!

Marianne said...

I like it, too. It used to look very nice on your former kitchen wall; didn't know, though, it was made by "snapping". Cool idea!

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