adventures in natural dyeing :: may

i did not forget about my project for 2015, although i admit it has been a while (my first natural dyeing post was in january, when i tried onion skins).

my next experiment was turmeric, which i tried on some leftover bluefaced leicester yarn. it turned out great, even though some strands of the wool seemed to have taken the color better than others. but i still love it. so far i have only dyed with food ingredients, and i am so so excited to start dyeing with some plant material from the garden. for that i need to investigate and explore a little more, but i will keep you updated, for sure! one of my favorite color combinations being yellow/mustard and teal, i now wish i could dye something blue(ish) to combine with the yelllow yarn i already have.

here it is, drying in the sun. isn't it just gorgeous?!


Kim said...

Wow, what a gorgeous colour! I am thinking of dying some rope for rope bowls, after seeing the vibrant colour, I think turmeric might be my first attempt :)

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Yes, it is really gorgeous! I want to try turmeric on some wool, I just need to order more.

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