crafting with children: twig and yarn teepees

when we came back from our trip 2 weeks ago, i expected us to arrive from summer into spring and then transition slowly into summer again, making it a long, warm outdoor season. probably the memories of the perfect summer (especially weatherwise) we had last year played a trick on me, because that's not what we usually get has been very cold and quite wet. it's expected to warm up considerably by the end of the week, but up to now we had to make use of small pockets of sunshine. perfect little pockets of time in which to go stick collecting, then come back inside to build teepees and wrap some yarn around them. then gather a few playmobil people and back outside to play camping with them.

the kids enjoyed this one very much. i had bought the acrylic yarn in a  (sort of a) dollar store and wasn't sure what to do with it (or why i bought it in the first place). but this was just perfect. it was great to experiment wrapping around individual sticks, or two sticks, or the whole teepee. i bound together the tips of the twigs with some wire and stuck the end tips into a piece of sturdy cardboard. this way they can be carried around and will hopefully be played with throughout summer! they might also make a perfect addition to a fairy garden, even though in this case i would leave out the cardboard and stick the ends of the twigs into the ground.


Kim said...

So fun! We made some last summer, and they still get played with :)

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I could use some cold and wet weather here, we are so hot and dry!
The teepees are so cute and look fun to make.

PS- My daughter and her family are headed your way in August.

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