make a fairy garden in a cup - a diy tutorial

hello there! i think it has been a while since we have had a proper craft tutorial here, hasn't it? and seeing that these are always the best loved posts on this blog, yesterday while making something with my littlest one, i actually remembered to take some in between or before shots of our little project.

the junebug is into collecting moss at the moment. i think it is because she finds soft balls of moss scattered in our yard. these are from our roof, and the birds usually pick them off. i've had the idea of making a moss garden for several months now, but i wanted the craft to be simple and also quick to make. so i decided to make something really small: a fairy garden in a cup.

here is what you need:

~ a discarded cup
~ a few rocks to layer under the moss
~ moss and some twigs and tiny rocks
~ things to set in the garden. i used toadstools from a craft store and my adorable clay house from the little red door (i've always, always wanted to enlarge my collection of houses from this lovely shop!!)

i placed the rocks under the moss for drainage. i'm not sure how this will work in the long run, but for now, it's pretty. i water the moss a little from time to time, and make sure the surface has dried before placing the clay house back in its spot.

i put the little fairy garden on our mantlepiece, where the house had stood by itself for quite a while. this was a perfect project for little hands to help with. looking at the pictures now i could have used a prettier tea cup to place the fairy garden in, but i wanted to use what i had. i will have a look in thrift stores and on flea markets to find some more cups for future fairy gardens!

hope everybody has a lovely day with a little magic in it!


Kim said...

That is adorable. Love the little clay house too.

Wishing you a little magic in your day too.

thelittlereddoor said...

oh my gosh that is wonderful! thank you so much for the shout-out :)

karen said...

this is a project that my step mother would love. I see here and there vases with moss or tiny ornaments inside. Lovely idea!

Unknown said...

hi there.
this is just the cutest thing for any fairy-loving child. i do it with teeny felt folk.

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