for the knitting folk

hello monday! i hope everybody had a lovely weekend.  i'm looking forward to this week. on friday, i'm invited to a knitting (and sewing, but i'll stick with the knitters) night. so on the weekend, i made a few polymer clay tabs/pendants to give as gifts to my knitting friends. i just cut these out as i would cookies, and when they came out of the oven, i drew a yarn ball and some needles onto them with a sharpie. i think they're cute as a small gift or to add as a tag to a bigger gift. makes me think we should get some knitting/yarn related items into our artsy ants shop, don't you?

here are some lovely yarny things i found and fancied from other etsy shops:

beautiful pendant by maya*made!

i never use a yarn bowl, it's just one other item on the table that might get knocked down and broken. but this one is really pretty, love the message especially. 

here is a knitting tote by greenedogtotes with a clear and simple statement.

and i need this t-shirt!

any knitting accessories you came across and loved? wishing everybody a great star
t to your week!


Kim said...

Love the pendants, such a great idea! What lovely things you found on Etsy too. Enjoy your week and your knitting night.

Unknown said...

i've never seen a bowl large enough for my yarn balls lol. but i do love the one you've listed, including the message.

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