musical windows: simple, diy window decoration

ever since we moved in here i have been on the lookout for window decoration that suits my taste. i could go with curtains, but haven't been able to decide which style. i like the clean look of the windows without anything around them. but especially in the winter months, even though we have hedges and trees in our front yard, i always feel i'd like something to screen the windows to feel more cozy, particularly during times of the day where the blinds are up but we still/already need to put on the lights.

i have this thing about old music sheets and old book pages. i love crafting projects that make creative use of them. and many of you know of my love of using dental floss in crafting. so here we go, seveal pages of music, old book pages, a punch and scissors, tape and dental floss. i love how it still lets plenty of light in and has a homemade but artsy feel to it!


Kim said...

Love it! It is amazing what a little bunting can do for a window. I made up a similar circle bunting for one our windows last spring, and what a difference it made.

Love the use of the old music sheets :)

simona said...

this looks so nice! i also never know what kind of curtains i like to use. nothing too heavy. but your solution is great!

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