our "under the sea" project week

as summer is winding down and everybody seems to be in back to school mode, i thought it would be fun to add weekly projects to our schedule, focusing on crafts, books and songs relating to a specific theme. our first weekly project (it was actually more than a week, because we couldn't wait to get started) was "under the sea". i collected a lot of inspiration from pinterest, and it was the perfect oppurtunity to at last try out some of the many craft ideas i had pinned throughout the years.

so here is a collection of what we did during our "under the sea" project week:

sea shell pendants
foil fishes
toilet roll jellyfishes inspired by these toilet roll octopus, but i will share more about them next week!
under the sea coloring pages

making the sea shell pendants was so much fun, especially as we suddenly had a whole basket full of little gifts. we only used green and blue food colouring to make the pendants look more "ocean-y". i think plain salt dough somehow looks like sand so that would have worked too. the foil fishes were very popular too, so little means, and such a big effect. we layed them in the sun to see how the "scales" shimmer.

we own the Let's Look at Fish Underwater book from the Torchlight Series, which was a perfect companion to our week (pictured below). for story books that have a sea setting The Rainbow Fish is a classic, i guess, and The Snail and the Whale is another favourite.

as we speak german at home we sang german ones, i.e. a favourite about the five little fishes leaving the sea to swim in a pond to escape the shark (i believe there is a similar english version of it too). we also really liked this song on youtube, it's in english: under the sea. the singing always inspired a lot of imaginative play, big brother always choosing the part of the shark eating up his small sister fish.

that's an obvious one: we watched "Finding Nemo". our little man is not used to watching whole movies, and found it "very long" (and a bit scary at times too, i believe), but later admitted that he liked it!

that's an easy one, if you have a local aquarium (i prefer going on a cool, rainy day!). if there is none in your area you might visit friends who have an aquarium at home. we also love going to a local home improvement store which as a huge fish and aquarium section. perfect for watching fish, taking notes or just being inspired!

we had a great week and i can't wait to get everything together for our next project week. i'm planning on something revolving around apples next, with an "outer space" themed week after that.


Kim said...

How fun! Love those pendants.

simona said...

i like the different shapes to the fishes, they look so cute! great collection of projects!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I will have to share your post with Emerson, some wonderfully fun things to do and I want to try them all.

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