make toilet roll jellyfish :: an under the sea craft project

as promised last week i wanted to go into more detail about one of the craft projects for our under the sea project week. (i had planned on making the  toilet roll octopus, but found that the yarn strings looked a lot more like jellyfish tentacles to me then octopus arms. jellyfish are also animals that are a lot "closer to home" for us as we see them whenever we visit the beach at the baltic sea).

we enjoyed this one so much. if you're looking for a craft project for which you have all materials on hand while still having pretty results this might be for you. this is all you need to make your toilet roll jellyfish:


*toilet rolls
*hole punch


we looked at photos of jellyfish first and noticed the patterns some of them have. the kids then tried to copy the patterns with different blue crayons onto paper, which we then stuck on the toilet rolls. i then cut the toilet rolls in half and punched the holes into one end. getting the yarn through the holes and tying a knot was perfect for practicing these fine motor skills. we used light yarn and some blue yarn to add interest.

it's just fun to wiggle and jiggle these jellyfish tentacles and they look lovely displayed right next to our foil fishes! feel free to share this craft on pinterest. happy crafting!


Kim said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

This is an adorable project! I'll have to add it to our list of lazy day things to do. :)

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