corners of our home :: the little man's room

hello monday! as promised we're back with a few more corners of our home. today we're visiting the little man's room. i have re-arranged this room twice since we moved in here 6 months ago. so i'm looking forward to how this space will evolve within time. on most days, there is an array of train tracks, train waggons, playmobil people and legos on the floor. we did a little clean-up together one afternoon though, after which i asked him if i could take a few photos of his room.

i really want to paint all the window frames in the house white rather sooner than later, because it fits the style of our home much better. the footrails in this room are too dark for my taste too, but all that might only be replaced once we re-do the flooring upstairs. both the children's room are facing north, which means that even on a sunny day it is sometimes hard to get good lighting for photos but i guess you get the overall picture. the living room and kitchen are facing south though, so that's a bonus!

we kept most elements from the little man's corner in the old apartment (oh, the light, the high ceilings, the floor boards! looking at these pictures makes me feel a little sad at times, but such is life). i think the only item we actually added was the old school desk (we found it on the street about a year ago and i'm on the lookout now for a fitting chair) and the trunk that used to be my parents'. it now holds play silks and dress up clothes and hats. the hook rack next to the desk was made by me, you can find the tutorial here.

i like the beginnings of the hot air baloon theme in this room, with a wall decal by belle and boo and our self made paper maché hot air balloon. it would be great to find some more! i'd also like to start a little collection of globes on the little cupboard.

the artwork above the bed is a canvas print of a photo taken by my friend danielle, some car art prints from Ikea, and the pencil drawing by simonathe bunting/garland was made by me while i was pregnant with my first baby :)

oh yes, and after the photo session we used all that free space we had cleared up to play and built a lego/playmobil zoo/adventure park!


karen said...

what a spacious room to have! Love the desk area and the large span of floor space to create :)

Kim said...

Such a lovely room for your little man. And so much potential for it to grow and change as he does.

simona said...

I love all the sweet little details. He looks so big sitting on his bed!

Danielle Quarmby said...

I love seeing these spaces anew since you moved in :) What a great room for a growing little man!

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