collecting and exchanging

our family loves collecting bits and pieces on nature walks. the little man is into finding the perfect stick, hubby is often on the lookout for amber whenever we visit the beach. i have always liked the idea of bringing the outside in, especially when we lived in the heart of the city it made me feel more connected to the natural world. fall is the perfect season for collecting, and even the junebug started picking up acorns whenever we walked down the street, our little stoop slowly being covered by quite a number of acorns and chestnuts.

therefore, we were pretty excited about the Nature Exchange organized on the blog Mud Puddles to Meteors (for those of you who don't know it already - hop over there! it's a treasure! it's a collaboration between annie of bird and little bird and dawn of simple things notebook.) for weeks we collected little bits and pieces mainly in our backyard and in our street, being interrupted only for a few days due to heavy rainfall and storms. eventually, we had our collection together and wrapped everything carefully into an egg carton to send across the ocean to our exchange partners. now we can't wait to receive our package and make a little something out of the nature finds we receive in exchange.

what are your favourite crafts to make with nature finds? we were thinking of a shadow box, or possibly a little fairy garden. any other ideas out there??


Dawn Suzette said...

This is so fun! Thanks so much for sharing and participating in the exchange!

simona said...

there are so many lovely nature treasures to be found in fall walks! i love your collection there!

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