Dressing up for autumn

after almost every walk with his oma, the little man came back home carrying "a special leaf" he found for me. pressing them is always my first thought in order to keep them. but i had planned on doing the bees wax dip again this year so after an especially successful walk with loads of colourful leaves returning home with us, i decided to give it ago. so my kitchen window and a few other windows in the living room, are dressed up for autumn. (it is said that dipping the leaves in bees wax preserves their colors. i have to say that the colors still fade within time, it just takes longer than if you just leave them as they are. i guess i still have to find the ultimate trick to preserve the leaves even longer).

for you fall lovers out there, why not gift yourself or a loved one with this set of pretty acorn earrings?

and here is an idea for a fall decoration in which the leaves' color will never fade, the fall inspired mobile in the artsy ants shop:


Kim said...

Your leaves look lovely. We too wax ours and have so much fun doing them.

simona said...

You just reminded me of that pretty leaf I found yesterday that is still stuck in my coat pocket :) If I had some bees wax I'd dip it in there!

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