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it's sunday again, and with it, we've got a new sketch theme up. but if you've been following this blog for a while, you might have noticed that lately a few sundays have been skipped. not only has my own schedule been very busy, but also that of the participants of this challenge. so i've decided to make sketchy sunday a bi-monthly activity, on the first weekend of the month and the third.

the bi-monthly art challenge
by the artsy ants

every first and third sunday of each month the artsy ants will publish a theme which is to be sketched during the following weeks. you can take that theme literally, or you can let it spark your creativity, develop that topic, and see where it leads you. the following sunday, come back and link up your sketches for all to see.

the current sketch theme is:  CUTE
the link collection will be open for two weeks in case you're not yet ready to link up today. you may also link up sketches with themes we had previously, in that case please write your theme into the name/description line. you can link up your specific blog post, flickr upload, etc.

now let's see what you have sketched! (for guidelines, click here.)
see at the end of this post what the new theme will be!

the next sketch theme is:  


Sheila said...

Great idea about making this bi-weekly, Simona!

And I love this kitty that you drew. The perspective of her lying on her side is challenging to draw, but you did it so well. The shadows are just right.

sylvia said...

Hello Kitty Cat! You have some fans over here!

simona said...

@ Sheila: Thanks, glad you like the kitty :)

@ sylvia: If only she knew ;)

@ Giulia: Love our sketch, absolutely cute!!

karen said...

Oh that is cute! I was wondering how you would sketch that :) I think Frodo would be cute too but he would be a stick figure dog, ha ha.

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