minuature classic and tandem bikes

in the area of the u.s. where i live now, riding bikes is just a sport. in germany, i grew up with the bike being a regular and often preferred mode of transportation, the athletic aspect was secondary. unless i'm going somewhere far, i'd always rather ride a bike than using a car. having to take my car everywhere i go feels very confining and honestly i feel disconnected to an area if all i know is that area from the inside of a vehicle. it's funny, but much of what people like about driving a convertible or a motorbike is to be found when riding a bicycle:  you feel the speed if you're going fast, open air and winds blowing around your face, that smell of freedom. and along with that comes, if you're cycling, the exercise most of us could use, zero emissions, and no tank to be filled. i love riding my bike.

i've made a number of wire bikes lately. and although i had thought of making tandem bikes before, it took until someone commissioned me last month to make 5 as wedding decoration to make my first tandem prototype. the photos in this post are some detail shots i like. there are more pictures in the listings (wire bike, tandem bike).

do any of you ride your bikes often?  do you take bike rides as a family?


sylvia said...

I miss riding my bike it's still in St Pauli... I want to get it soon because spencer is now also riding. Your wire bikes are adorable!!!

Anja said...

I also miss Mine :( it Is in the cellar behause the wheel Is damaged :( and now i have to walk every monday to choir... I always forget to fix it and/or am too lazy

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