yard sale finds and dreams

it's been far too long since we had a "thrifty finds" post, hasn't it? that doesn't mean i've not stumbled upon any treasures over the past months...

we've had very mild weather here in georgia, in the 70's F (20-23º C) so although it's december there are still yard sales on the weekends. i took some photos of some of the goodies i found today and also some of the things i found a few weeks ago.

yard sale finds
so... where to begin? i think i'll save best for last, it's something i found today and am particularly excited about.

but let's start with this one here, it's a white potpourri, it was $1. why it caught my attention? because it's white and has a simple shape. it's like a blank canvas waiting to be painted on, and that alone gives me a rush of excitement.

then, i found an original vintage edition of mastermind. do you know it? our parents had the mini version. you have to guess the right color combination including the correct positioning of the colors by means of the clues the other person gives you. and it only cost me a quarter!

this here is a little beadweaving kit. it is made in germany so it caught my attention. the kit is complete, so it will be fun to let kids that visit our house use it to make bracelets and so on.

on to today's finds:

the purple shirts were a dollar each. the lighter one on the top is brand new with tag. ka-ching!

this dress with cute folksy print and borders was two bucks... i prefer buying clothes for less (yeah, i'm super cheap), but i couldn't resist the colors and style. the only thing is that the cord in the front has little bells on it that will drive me nuts if i don't take them off before i wear it the first time.

my hubby also bought some stuff, he found a razor scooter, a knife from solingen, germany, and a letter opener from madrid, spain. i didn't have a chance to take pictures of these though before it started raining and got really dark.

by now you might've forgotten that i mentioned a thrifty find in the beginning of this post that made me particularly excited. sooo... here is my latest pride and joy–a spinning display rack!! it's pretty tall, almost as tall as i am! not that i am a particularly tall person, but for a display rack i think it's on the tall side. and what is more, it was only $2.50. i already had a little one so my hubby was trying to make fun of me and claimed that i'm getting obsessed with buying displays. but i think having two is not quite an obsession... yet :)

for the photo i only put a few things in, but by now i filled more than half the slots with artsy goodies. it's so much fun seeing them all in there!

in case you're wondering why i'm so excited about the find it is because i have this secret dream – not so secret anymore after i posted this – of having 'artsy ants' items for display in a boutique store. selling online is one thing, but displaying the little goodies on location would be so much more fun i believe. now, i have never done anything like this before and really have no idea of how to go about making it happen, so i'll have to do some research on this subject.

but, let me start right here and see if any of you have tips and suggestions:

have you ever sold any handmade items on location, particularly in a boutique shop? 
is there anything i need to know and consider, especially anything i need to know beforehand so not to have to learn it the hard way? 
in other words: come on, make it easy for me ;)


Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

Fabulous finds Simona! I used to love playing Mastermind when I was a child. And great display stand and at such a bargain price - lucky you! xx

Yelle said...

That display rack is such a good find! It's rare to find such treasures like that because they are always picked up so quickly!

Unknown said...

master mind ist ein klasse spiel. ich hab das auch zu hause. wobei mein spielkarton total abgenudelt aussieht. doch ich finde das toll, hat für mich dadurch noch mehr wert bekommen. immer wenn ich dieses spiel in die hand nehme ist es wie eine reise in die 70iger. obwohl es mich da noch gar nicht gab.... have a nice day :)

Marianne said...

Hey, mastermind! Great finds, especially the clothes. I envy you for all those yardsales around your place......
And I do hope that someone will give you THE tip about displaying your artsy items in a boutique or any similar place. In Germany we find such exckusive items also in teashops, although that might sound funny to some people.

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