make your own snowglobes - an update post

our DIY snowglobe post is one of the blog's most popular. i shared detailed step by step instructions on how to make your own snow globes or glitter jars! since then, i've seen countless other snow globe tutorials and i have to say, i adore the results! snow globes add such a playful and magical detail to any winter or holiday decoration!

i made a snowglobe again the other day and thought i'd just share a few more tips and suggestions:

1. destilled water!
most tutorials out there omit this important ingredient. i'm sure a snowglobe made with tap water works fine, but no guarantees that the water stays clear for a long time. i've had my magic bottle e.g. for years now, and the water is still clear as ever!

2. enough glycerin!
make sure you use not just a dash of glycerin, but enough to actually make the glitter flakes float down slowly - it looks more magical!

3. colourful water!
i've been asked if food colouring works with the snowglobes. i do not know, as i have never tried it. but i used green coloured glitter with my newest snowglobe and it made the water turn a little green, which i love!

4. use a platform!
i noticed that most little figures that i wanted to place into my snowglobe were quite short compared to the glass. i glued them onto found objects that work as a platform so now they can be seen and enjoyed much better.

5. try something quirky!
step away from the classical fawn, toadstool and other woodland themes. try something surprising and different. i used a camel next to the pine tree in my newest snow globe creation.

our detailed snow globe tutorial is here and here is a link to our magic bottle tutorial. have fun crafting!!

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Anonymous said...

love these! i especially love your quirky take with the camel ;-)

Kim said...

We love snow globes, made one last week, so much fun!! I love the camel :)

simona said...

these are really helpful tips, thanks!

i think i'll have to start gathering items in order to make snow globes with my little friends, who are actually all for quirky themselves. can't wait to see how their globes come out!

KatEzat said...

Quirky is such a great word! Love :)

Tonya said...

Cool! A woman from my church made a snow scene inside a canning jar with just the fake snow you get at craft stores, some sort of "quirky" Christmas object, and a bow around the mouth of the jar. That's it! I thought it was brilliant, especially for someone craft-averse as I am!

Anonymous said...

I've always loved snow globes and the camel is super cute. I saw a Christmas tree the other day that had all the little toys like that camel spray painted gold and hung up like ornaments. I thought that was a brilliant use of outgrown but beloved toys.

Öa said...

Poor little camel in the snow.....yet, I like your snowdomes!

Les Créateliers said...

So wonderful! I posted your tutorial on website, her's the link:

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