finally listed - wire owl and hearts

although i had already made these a few weeks ago when i was in europe visiting my family, these wire ornaments have just now made it into our shop.

the first one is this wire owl, and then there is a set of 2 wire hearts.

there are a few more items i made that i could list in the shop, but somehow it always seems very time consuming to take the pictures etc., so i tend to put listing things off for quite a bit. i admire those that have hundreds of items in their store, they seem to have a good and efficient system down.

what about you, do you have a handmade store?  do you find it easy and quick to list new items? 
if you have any tips and suggestions i'd love to hear about them!


sylvia said...

owl love!!!!!

Gina @ Oaxacaborn said...

I wonder about this too! Even right now I have more items I SHOULD have in my shop, but haven't photographed yet. HOW do "those" people get it all done?

Marianne said...

I remember admiring you creating the hearts, while I sat next to you on our way home from Denmark. To me it always seems that everything you touch (even with tiny tongs) turns out beautiful, and hence I felt very much honored to be able to observe your work!

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