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this week we re-opened the artsy ants shop after a few weeks of taking a break. to celebrate our grand re-opening (haha) we've added a few new items and will add even more to our inventory over the next few days.


while i was traveling to visit my family in germany, i took along some of my wire art supplies. good, because i did find a few moments here and there to create some new pendants.

the first one on top is a kitty cat face pendant. (who doesn't love kittens?) right above you see the seahorse again that i had briefly introduced to you in a previous post.

and because the season of fall or autumn is quickly approaching, i was inspired to make another set of glass beaded wire leaves

i just thought of how it would be neat to hang these or any of my wire pendants onto the rear view mirror of my car. why didn't i think of that earlier?
hah, i'm kind of excited by this idea! now i need to decide which ornament i will use to personalize my ride. i think i will put several in my car and exchange them according to my mood.
what do you think of this idea?

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sylvia said...

super cute, i'd hang up the leaves now too!!

Marianne said...

Yeah, good idea, and you could combine the colorful leaves even with your wire-acorns.

KatEzat said...

In the car... genius!

Thanks for the yummy bookmark by the way.


R x

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