° weekending °

the weekend started with our 6th wedding anniversary, traditions around it, lillies, something bubbly with our breakfast, the opening of sweet little gifts for everyone in the family. it's my favourite day of the year.

we went outside and got caught in a thunderstorm. but it was okay. we went inside a café and walked home in the sunshine.

the evening was spent with friends with kids our age, first playing in glorious sunshine on a field, then wine and pizza rolls for dinner on their beautiful balcony watching the sunset.

i forgot to bring my camera or my phone with me, so i found myself trying to freeze some of these beautiful moments in my memory just like that.

the beauty of it, despite, the loudness, the mess, the wildness
- the sheer chaos that's just natural with  4 adults, 2 pre-schoolers, a toddler and a baby in a very very small space.
but wine and sunshine and simply being with likeminded friends totally made up for it.

today is quiet, the big boy off with the papa to play soccer.
me doing some cleaning up and knitting. the skies are grey again, but it's humid.

how was your weekend?

joining amanda.


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! It sounds fantastic, excerpt from the thunder. Enjoy the day even though you're cleaning :-) we have been on a small trip to Germany, the candy and grocery is much cheaper there, and then we're going to grill to Night, I'm looking forwards.

simona said...

we've spent the majority of our weekend with friends, just for the sake of hanging out and also for a housewarming party. on friday night we also got caught in a thunder storm, it was quite a scary one. and yesterday night i finally got my wheels back after two weeks of being stuck without.

simona said...

and of course: happy anniversary! but i already told you that before :)

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Happy anniversary Sylvia, I wish you a long life of them!
I hope you and your family are having a great day and you were able to get in some knitting time.

karen said...

happy anniversary! We visited my sister and her family and it was crazy but I did not have to cook!! Yay for me :)

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary!!!

and yes, something so good about spending time with likeminded people.

Danielle Quarmby said...

Sounds like a beautiful weekend! Happy anniversary to both of you :) xx d

plaueplume said...

Happy belated anniversary from us as well!

stephanie from texas said...

Happy Anniversary!
The mister & I are months away from 20 years. May you have many many more.

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