owl drawing dedicated to a special couple

do you think congratulations via email are lame? 
i'm asking because my sister and brother-in-law had their anniversary over the weekend. i really wanted to make them a real card, but by the time i got finished there was not enough time to print and send it to europe in time for their wedding anniversary. so we emailed it.

i feel that sending an email is a bit lame, but i figured that a brand new illustration dedicated to them as a couple would be special enough to make up for not having sent it in the mail. well, i think since they are an easygoing couple we sort of got away with the email-thing, but i do wish the drawing would have been ready in time to send it with the postal service.

there are prints available of this drawing in our shop in
•  size 8x10
•  size 5x7 (other sizes upon request)
•  the original is also available sold, it's hand drawn with archival ink

do you always send congratulations per postal service or do you also sometimes resort to emailing your best wishes?

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Anonymous said...

Wow it's so cute and nice, I Think they'll frame it!!! I always send by mail, I think I'm a bit old fashion, but it's just that I love to recieve my own birthsdays cards in the mailbox, I don't know why, but I Think it's exciting and fun in that Way. Have a great Day, you're so good with those illustrations.

Danielle Quarmby said...

It's adorable, I love it :)
A unique and personally inspired illustration is a pretty great gift whichever way it arrives!
xx d

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I really do prefer the snail mail service, but sometimes life just gets too busy and a date will sneak up on my leaving me with no option but email. I think your drawing is beautiful Simona and reguardless of how it was sent, I am sure it is loved!

sylvia said...

we were totally totally okay with the email thing!! LOOOVE the illustration sweety, it's gorgeous. i will have all owl-themed stuff in the junebugs future bedroom and this drawing will go there too one day!

barefoot mama said...

Love this!!

Marianne said...

Those owls look so happy, cuddling on that branch. Just as happy, as a "six-year-old-couple" with two lovely kids could be!
I love handwritten letters, incl. congratulations to various occasions, but have also sent off some by e-mail myself. It's the loving thought that counts.

Melissa said...

LOVE this! I think they would be honored.

Anja said...

This ist so cute!!!! And so very beautiful!!! Always loved your details!

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