featured artsy friend: keiko's hammer

this past week we've had friends stay at our house. one of our friends with the nickname keiko had made a super cute bag for me. i've been using it almost every day since. it's completely hand made with mostly recycled materials. isn't it such a gorgeous bag? i love having talented friends!  :)

let me introduce you the new handmade brand "keiko's hammer":

what inspires you?

the feel of certain fabrics is very inspiring to me. for example the fuzzy feel of felt reminds me of fur. i incorporate different textures into my designs to create contrasts. things in nature are also very inspiring to me, and prints i have seen elsewhere definitely get my attention.

you mentioned there were years of not creating much... what is your history as an artist?

i first learned how to sew in high school. when it comes to creative hobbies, sewing is the only thing that i stuck with although i had tried painting, drawing, and calligraphy in the past.

somehow though, after my son was born, my creativity was initially put on hold. i was focused on my role of being a mother so much that it took me many years to make the time for art again, to be able to focus on creating. after i quit my day job this past summer it was as if i needed to unwind from the working world for a while. now, finally, i have the feeling that i have "found myself" in the sense of being inspired and motivated to create again. now i have ideas and i just want to try them all out.

what's your secret to buying fabrics?

if you're looking to save money the best fabrics can be found in thrift stores!

do you have a blog or website?

actually, i just started keiko's hammer blog. so far i only have a welcome post but i'm planning to update it soon.

thanks so much for the interview and thanks much more for that cute bag you made for me! i can't wait to see your next project finished and already joined your blog so i can follow along as your brand grows.


sylvia said...

awesome! i love the bag, it has so many details on it i'm fond of: owls, leaves, upcycling! thanks for the interview!

Keiko's Hammer said...

What a fun blog site. Great features. Bags too cute.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Not only is that the cutest bag, I love that it is made from recycled material. Thanks for the introduction Simona.

barefoot mama said...

love that bag and I'm about to go check out the blog:)))

Marianne said...

Das ist "DER HAMMER". Please, let your friend know, what that means!! And thank you for introducing your artistic friend.

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