thrifty crafts - d.i.y. tea light holder tutorial #1

a few days ago i was brainstorming so to speak with some of our readers about what i could do with the tea light holders i have. the ideas that resulted were terrific, sylvia even added some tea light/ votive candle holder ideas to her pinterest "crafty ideas" board for me to see. full of inspiration i began crafting my own version of a tea light holder. i fell in love with the contrast of glass vs. wool, cold vs. cosy.

this is the easy to follow tutorial of how i made it and how you can make your own thrifty and stylish tea light holders.

what you will need:

•  frosted glass tea light holder
•  yarn (around 6 or 7ft. / ≈ 2m should be plenty )
•  glass beads with a flat surface
•  glue (glue gun would work. i used gel medium since it was handy and acts as a glue)
•  tea light candle

how to make this decorative tea light holder - step by step: 

1)  wrap the yarn around the glass. cross the yarn to fasten the end, then keep wrapping. i wrapped it around about 11 times so the glass will still be visible and the candle light can shine through.

2)  cut the yarn generously and stick the end under the last loop to fasten it. then adjust the yarn to where it is wrapped around the glass evenly. pull it tight.

3)  adjust the parts that fasten the yarn (where the yarn overlaps at the beginning and end) to be on an imagined vertical line. this is because we will eventually glue the glass beads onto these spots to hide the cut ends of the yarn and according to the design the glass beads will be glued vertically above of each other.

4)  once these finishing areas are in place, dab some glue onto the yarn right at these points (as seen in the picture above) and wait for it to dry. (i used a hair dryer to speed up the process.)

5)  then glue the glass beads onto the yarn ends. i first applied some glue to the yarn and then also applied the glue generously on the glass beads so make sure the beads will be fastened well. you will need to lay the tea light holder on it's side so the beads don't fall off while the glue is drying. wait for the glue to dry completely.  done!

if you  have extra glass beads you can use these to add to the tea light table decoration. you can even use this tutorial to make inexpensive but sophisticated looking table decor for a wedding or anniversary. it's always easy to switch out the colors to go with a specific theme or color scheme.

i hope you've enjoyed this d.i.y. craft tutorial. let me know if it inspired you and how it worked out for you!

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Junky Vagabond said...

This is a really cute idea!

South Bay Studio said...

I love this, what a transformation and so simple. Kathi

sylvia said...

i love that you used yarn, it does look very cozy!

amanda {the habit of being} said...

love the way you added the yarn for a softness of texture - so clever!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

So simple and yet so pretty!

Baby By The Sea said...

I love this. A certain friend comes to mind and this is perfect. I might use beach stones...

ellenmarie said...

so easy and so cute! the perfect diy project for me! ya'll are awesome

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