"putting it in words" - abstract mixed media art

when you receive a parcel, do you also look for the handwritten note even before you take a look at the actual content of the package?
to me, the note or letter is the most important part, even more precious than any enclosed gift might be.

"putting it in words", abstract mixed media painting  - FOR SALE -

this painting tells about a handwritten letter that was written with a lot of hesitation and inner battles, every word carefully selected and arranged into beautiful sentences to make an impression on the recipient. "putting it in words" is the second painting in my series "the letter".
i hope it will inspire you to write a letter to somebody today!

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Have a great weekend!


Tracey ~ Clover said...

Yes, I always read the note first and then place it in my special keepsake box!
I love seeing you work Simona, you and Sylvia were both blessed with so much talent.
Have a lovely weekend.

simona said...

@ Tracey:
Thanks so much Tracey!
I love that you have a special keepsake box for letters and other nice memories. I should also make a special box, my precious personal memories are spread around too much.

Diana said...

I love your blog, I'm a new follower =)

Marianne said...

To be able to give presents always makes me glad. But I've got a folder where I keep personal "Thank You!"-notes from many different persons that warm my heart and encourage me to continue giving - whether materially or my time and energy.
Of course, I've kept the sweet letters I've received from my lovely daughters from early childhood onwards; not to mention my husband's love-letters :)

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