squash for the whole family

when i wrote about my pumpkin soup (which was actually a butternut squash soup) in our fall list post last week, tracey asked in the comment section whether i could share my recipe, as her's doesn't call for cinnamon or sour cream. danielle originally helped me out with my first pumpkin soup, and i have just adjusted it from time to time throughout the years.


- pumpkin/ squash
- onion
- olive oil
- vegetable stock
- sour cream
- spices to taste

so, what i do for the soup is i cut up the squash (in germany i use a pumpkin called hokkaido, it's quite sweet too and it's skin is edible, which is very practical!) into about 3" chunks and put them in a pot with a cut up onion and some olive oil. i then level everything with vegetable stock and let it simmer until it is tender. sometimes i take a few cups of the vegetable stock out again and set them aside, if i feel that the soup will become too watery. i then blend it all with a blending stick and add the spices (whatever i feel like, but mostly salt and pepper, and hints of nutmeg and cinnamon). in germany, i usually add a cup of creme fraiche to make the soup more creamy. i didn't find it here, so i used sour cream. just as good!

here is the toddler version of the soup, it's easier to eat/ not so messy and spencer goes crazy for it:

before using the blending stick, i take out  a few chunks of pumpkin out of the pot and mash them with a fork. i then add about 2-3 tablespoons of sour cream and cinnamon to taste. i put in more cinnamon than in the soup, because he seems to love the taste of it. i'm sorry i'm so vague with the amounts, that's the trouble with my cooking i usually just wing it. hopefully it inspired you to try it in case this version is new to you ;-)


Tracey ~ Clover said...

Thank you Sylvia for this recipe! I know what will be on my menu for next week. I have buttenut squash and sugar pumpkins and I bet mixing them together would be great too. xx

Kimmy said...

Hi Sylvia
this sounds a lovely recipe! Can´t believe you live in Hamburg - the blogiverse is small indeed!
I really love your blog! I nearly read it all :)

Anja said...

What a cool pic! These colours and these many squashes!!! So cute you two in there :)

Courtney said...

Your blog is beautiful!

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