october shop update

okay, guys, we did it. after countless announcements that we made since we've been so excited about it: our latest art and craft projects are in the artsy ants shop.

the first set of new items are unique, hand painted garlands strung on hemp cord. the individual flags are made of canvas that we painted, one in a blue color scheme, the other is fall/ autumn inspired.

another set of items are our one-of-a-kind original art notepads. the notepad covers are mixed media art on canvas featuring the themes: sky, fall, and city. they would make a fantastic exclusive gift for anybody who loves color and creativity.

what color combinations or themes could you imagine as banners, notepads, and possibly bookmarks?


Isa said...

I love the banners, especially the blue! Other nice colors would be yellows/whites (nursery/baby shower) or greens/pinks for spring.

The notebooks are cool, too, and would make a great gift!

There must be a crafty breeze in the air, I also just put up new items in my Etsy shop yesterday ;) Good luck with the sales!

Anonymous said...

These are the most clever banners I've seen! LOVE the textured canvas and the colors you chose.

Laura Emily said...

cute banners! I swear I need a banner for every favorite color combo I know of.

Sheryl Hastings said...

I love the banners! They are so cute. I'm glad banners are so popular now because they add so much to any occasion.

Love the post below too. Makes me wish I was a kid again.

Anonymous said...

I love the vibrant colors of the notepads--my favorite is 'city'. The banners are very clever too made from canvas! Beautiful work!

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