please do not water this flower

you're not good with plants? neither am i. but i'm sure you can handle this one-of-a-kind flower! this one is a little different from the more 3-dimensional flower i had made a while ago.

one of the things i enjoy about making wire ornaments is that i can put the project down at any time and pick it up again for just a few minutes if that's all i have. can't really do that with painting when i have paints drying on the palette, in the brushes, etc.

do you also have a craft or hobby you can just pick up on the go, one that doesn't involve major set-up and clean-up?

hand crafted wire flower, beaded  - FOR SALE - 

for those who hadn't heard yet: we had to fly up to new england for a spontaneous visit since a dear family member had to undergo major surgery. we wanted to be there for support and do our best to help out. many concerned friends have asked how things went and we are very happy to announce:
everything went exceptionally well! thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers, phone calls, text messages and emails. we really appreciate having such wonderful friends like you.


sylvia said...

yes, knitting!!

and we're sooo glad everything went well. hugs to you and all the family over there!!!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Very cute flower and glad everything went well with your family.xx

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your family member is recovering well!

I love that flower! That would make such a pretty little pin or something. Adorable!

Katie said...

So cute! xo So glad your family member is doing well!

Marianne said...

I can do my sewing now without clearing the table etc. afterwards, because I may use my daughter's former room and desk and can just shut the door, when I've got to stop for some reason.
Your flower is beautiful and would look so pretty on a present!
Loving hugs to all our dear family members up there. Our prayers have been answered.

Cheap baby favors said...

Love the creativity done on this flower so it cannot be wilted

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