feather and ink: "end-of-school-year" presents

after our little photo-posts-only break last week i'm back with a sketch, dug up from deep inside my personal "archives". have you ever had access to museum archives? i've had the chance once, it's very interesting, in many ways more fun to visit than the actual museum!

this sketch made with feather and ink was part of an exhibition where anja and i were able to exhibit some of our artwork, i think it was in 2002 (the sketch is DIN A2, approx. 25"x 17"inches).

for quite a while i experimented with drawing with ink, using several different feather tips my mom had given us as "end of the school year" presents. these types of presents were tiny wrapped up packages hung on a string across the hall way, to be opened one a day in our last week of school before summer break. there were two presents every day, one for each of us girls. we tried to feel the wrapped presents to find out what we're going to get the next day. the last day's present was the biggest and most exciting one. in addition we would get a present for bringing our report cards home. presents are so much fun!

how was it for you? was there anything exciting about the last week of school? 
do you do anything special for your own kids to celebrate summer break? or do you celebrate them going back to school? 

since the school year is starting up this week for many of the kids i know:
happy new school year to all of you!


Tonya said...

How blessed to have such a creative mom! I must say I feel so exhausted most days to tap into my creative juices - plus my boys would probably demolish any presents that happened to be hanging from a string!

I wish school started after Labor Day for us - I could use another week!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I love this idea and have plans to use it with my son next year. I homeschool and do not have plan to start school until after Labor Day. xx

sylvia said...

that guy looks awesome! i still remember him. and our awesome last days of school each year. i do not look forward to mr. s entering that institution (unfortunately no homeschooling permitted in germany) but it's still a few years.... still i do look forward to new traditions emerging for our family when that time arrives!

Isa said...

here school starts again in two weeks and we will be celebrating sophia's first day of kindergarten - think schultüte, cupcakes, garlands, flowers, family!

our summer has been really long and we highly enjoyed our local treasure hunt through 12 playgrounds (some of them with water play, yeah!). I didn't even have to mke it up - we found a little book in our downtown book place.

Marianne said...

Remembering the last 2 weeks before summer-vacations with little surprise-sacks. Wasn't that great?
Here the first-graders will start next Monday, and we'll have a party for the son of friends. Hopefully in the backyard....and not in the basement. Yet, that wholly depends on the weather.

Marianne said...

Oh, and that exhibition together with Anja was sooo very impressive. Already then the two of you were great artists (just look at that handsome guy!!)

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