upcycling week :: day 3 :: going a step further

up to now, most projects involved cutting of some kind. but today we are going a step further. so get your scissors out, because there is some serious cutting ahead to make for the little ones in your life :)

want to make something pretty for a little girl? taryn from Mama Gone Green makes pillowcase dresses from her old unwanted shirts and skirts:

(photo by taryn oakley, find some more in this post)

taryn wrote a tutorial on her blog with step-by-step instructions on how to make the dress. so hop over everybody and take a look!

isn't this just too cute? makes me wish i had a girl, LOL! thanks for sharing this project taryn!

this little-man cardy by crafty mama emily falconbridge was made from a discarded sweater and some fabric scraps of another piece of clothing. this is one of the most creative projects i have seen in a long time and i just loved the idea, so i asked emily if we could feature it here. click here to get to her full picture tutorial!

(photo by emily falconbridge)

my alltime favourite repurposing project, which i always meant to pick up again but never did, is the fabulous 90-minute-shirt by dana from made. click here to go to her step-by-step picture tutorial!

now it's your turn! what else have you been making that involved cutting up old, unused garments?


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Tracey ~ Clover said...

So much talent out there. I want to try the pillowcase dress for the wee one here, it's adorable and I think I can do it. xx

Kelly said...

Hi Sylvia! You had asked to link to Green Baby Designs and I responded on MY blog. Duh. Sorry about that-I am new to the blogging and computer world. Trying to get up-to-speed quickly. In the future if you want to link up that is totally fine with me. I was flattered by your request. Love today's post--especially the sweater! Very cool. Sorry again for my mistake, Kelly

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Great round up- Love Green Mama Design and Taryn's upcycled dress.

Anonymous said...

Awww! These are the most precious pieces! That little-man-cardi makes my heart melt. I need one of my friends to have a baby so I can make these cute things for someone :)

simona said...

I think I need to go through my "old clothes" pile again. There might be something useful after all.
The good thing about recycling clothes is: they come definitely pre-shrunk!

Anonymous said...

How fun are these upcycled projects! I'm enjoying these!

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