upcycling week :: day 2 :: a few stitches here and there

ever felt like you need to buy new clothes because the ones you have in your wardrobe are so boring you don't like to see them anymore ;) well, instead of spending money, why not get out your sewing machine or some embroidery thread and get to work in prettying things up? a few stitches here and there can make a difference!

here is what i did with this plain, boring (to me) white shirt. it's cute as it is, but i always found it lacked an interesting little detail. so i embroidered an earwig onto it:

who can resist an earwig on a round toddler tummy? if you like it too, feel free to download a free embroidery pattern for it.

we also love going back and forth with the sewing machine to create these "flowers" with long stems:

another thing that simona did with this t-shirt was lengthen it. the brown t-shirt was too short, so she cut of the buttom part of an orange t-shirt (of which she didn't like the style) and sewed it under the brown one to give it a good length. the stitched flowers hold everything together and make it look like that was like the t-shirt was always meant to be.

i stitched on these flowers on a t-shirt a few years back, also adding some lace and pieces of fabric for decoration:

you see? a bit of cutting, a few stitches and voilĂ ! a "new" t-shirt!

shortly before a weekend trip to paris i breathed some new life into this plain old jacket by first dyeing it black with fabric colour in the washing machine. after that, i sewed some crochet flowers i got on ebay onto it. it really felt like i had a brand new jacket!

as always, feel free to share whatever other ideas you might have to make something old look new!


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Anonymous said...

Love the jacket upcycle. I was just about to throw some new clothes, but now I'll have to see what I can do with them first... =) x

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Thanks for the tip to lengthen a tee shirt. I have several that are too short and were headed to the rag pile, but I think this is something I can do even with my sad sewing skills.xx

simona said...

it's always quite a surprise how things come out when dyed. this "new" jacket looks really nice!

@ tracey: yes, if i can do it with my non existing sewing skills anybody can ;)

Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

Some really great ideas there Sylvia! I'm just starting to love doing a bit of embroidery, so will definitely keep these ideas in mind for future projects xx

Karolina Pettersson said...

Oh I also love these kind of simple small changes to clothes! Since I'm not any good in sewing (i don't even own a sewing machine) I like when to make something new with just a scissors and some stiches by hand! And dyeing! That's really one of my favourit clothes pimping! :)

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