upcycling week :: day 1 :: starting easy

welcome to day 1 of our upcycling week! today is all about repurposing an old t-shirt. these are (fairly) easy projects, we'll talk about projects made from a t-shirt that require a few more steps later this week. so if you're new to sewing, there might be something here for you.

we seem to have a never-ending supply of men's t-shirts in our house, but you will always find plenty in any thriftstore. look out for colourful stripes and cool patterns that will look great on a child too.

let's start with the easiest project, the t-shirt pixie hat:

all you need to do is take a fitting hat, place it on the t-shirt making use of the existing hem, add an inch or so for seam allowance, and draw on the pixie hat shape. then cut through both layers of the t-shirt, place the two pieces right sides together and sew with a light zigzag stitch. it's a sweet and simple project. and due to the jersey fabric, the hat practically grows with the child. our little guy has been wearing this hat for almost a year now!

another really easy project is making a pair of pants. i love using the tutorial in amanda soule's the creative family. this tutorial on make baby stuff is also great, you can use the instructions for the t-shirt pants as well. just always remember to make use of the existing hem, because that saves you a lot of work and makes it an easy project.

here is a skirt i shared a few months ago already, also made from an old t-shirt:

did you ever make something new from an old t-shirt? please share in the comments so we can go check it out!!


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Stefanie Elisabeth said...

also aus einem T-shirt hab ich noch nichts gemacht, aber aus nem Polster├╝berzug hab ich eine Tasche geschneidert. Und aus tischplatzsets eine h├Ąckeltasche. sieht cool aus. :)

sylvia said...

@hi steffi, falls du ein Foto davon hast, kannst du es mir gerne schicken, dann bau ich das hier noch mit ein!!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I just adore the little pixie hat! I think there is a tee shirt in my son's closet that he has out grown that I can use to make one too. Just too cute!xx

Kelly said...

Love, love, love the pixie hat!!! That will be on the agenda for my sweet granddaughter. You asked for items made from t-shirts....check out a skirt I made for my daughter, Willow, from a collection of sentimental t-shirts at greenbabydesigns.wordpress.com. Thanks for sharing, will definitely back to visit! ;o)

Anonymous said...

My sister makes these cool headbands out of old t-shirts:

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