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i always enjoy reading blog posts of people featuring their etsy finds or sharing their favourites. etsy is so full of wonderfulness, it's really hard to keep up. i had this idea of sharing etsy finds that i actually bought (or got as a present) and have around my home. let's start with art on my walls, i might share jewelry, baby stuff and other items at some later point. (these photos aren't very creative, i was just trying to focus on the prints, not on the mess they're overlooking. also, yes i use black ikea frames almost exclusively...) so let's start the tour:

above my bed we have:

"little pieces", a print of this mixed media canvas by danielleq.
"dreamy knitting", a postcard print by lineanongrata.
"surrender", postcard print by Nikki McClure (not etsy, but the fabulous buy olympia)

in the hallway:

"hello stranger" a print by brooklyn based artist Dan-ah Kim.

i'm always on the lookout for more pretty ideas for the kid's room. at the moment there are some mixed media canvases made by me in there, as well as
"vintage alphabet print" by Lovely Sweet William (a sisterly combo too, by the way).

and then these lovely wall decals by enna.

this is a print we have in our living room. once again, it was a gift by danielle. i just don't know where it's from. but owl + orange = perfect combination as anybody who knows me will agree.

hope your enjoyed looking around!


Tracey ~ Clover said...

I love Etsy and the wall art you have purchsed is great. I especially like the vintage alphabet picture.

simona said...

nice collection! i love the one you have in the hallway, and of course mixed media art by danielleq is always a favorite as well!

Danielle Quarmby said...

Oh I love seeing what you have on your walls, that brooklyn one is fantastic, and Lovely Sweet William is a fave of ours too :)
The orange owl gocco print is from Littlest Flower -

Thank you so much for the gorgeous parcel, by the way! Have been waiting to get the kids together in a photo with their pixie / elf / dwarf hats on ;)
xx d

Kim Airhart said...

Awesome!! thanks for sharing.

Leah said...

I love seeing other people's taste and style, thanks for sharing! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Isn't SITS great?!

Marianne said...

The Brooklyn picture in the hallway is really nice, but my favorite is "Surrender", although is's small.
And, yes, Danielle's gifts are always awesome!!

Hinerangi Hemara-Haeana said...

Love supporting handmade. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday:)...

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