dutch windmill painting

yay, it's the weekend! do you have anything in particular planned?
i don't have anything big or exciting going on as of now, but i'm looking forward to finishing up some projects. i am also looking forward to the peaceful cup of coffee hubby and i usually enjoy on sunday mornings on the deck, reading, talking, looking into the woods and trying to spot as many animals as we can.

speaking of a cup of coffee... this reminds me of the artsy ants shop special going on till the 10th of june: the art prints "she loves her coffee" and " she loves to draw" are half off the regular price.

- SOLD - custom orders available

we've also added a new painting to the shop, it's of a dutch windmill. my goal when painting this picture was to add a dramatic but realistic sky to the otherwise tranquil setting. i have used this painting when instructing classes, it includes a number of different strokes and techniques that i felt would benefit students at many levels.

whatever you do, exciting things or enjoying quiet moments - have a wonderful weekend!

1 comment:

sylvia said...

the painting is just stunning and beautiful. knutscher!!!

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