diy toys :: a dreamy mobile

i first got the idea to make a mobile like this from my friend danielle. she made a mobile for an australian scrapbooking mag last year. i totally loved it so i just gave it my own twist. this was published in the spring issue of scrap art zine.

so, in short, what you need for this project is:

° a wooden embroidery hoop
° tape
° dental floss
° ribbon (mine is by farbenmix)
° chipboard pieces, photos, paper, any details you would like to hang up

i used dental floss because it looks delicate and i really like how it is so easy to tie. the possibilities are endless with this kind of project. i was thinking one might even change the mobile around for the beginning of each season. it would be cool to have a quick and easy seasonal decoration project on hand.

any other ideas of what might be hung up on a mobile like this??


Vera said...

what a lovely idea! thanks for sharing :)

Sheryl Hastings said...

What a great idea. You could make them for each holiday too. Love it!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

That is so cute! I would love to do one with shells and sea life pictures.

simona said...

i could imagine if kids start reading a mobile with colorful letters would be neat to have.

Citlalli said...

Awesome idea, and perfect timing!! Going to my friend's baby shower on Sat. {my first ever} and this would be the perfect extra gift to go with the diaper bag I am planning on making for her.
I think shells would be something cute to add to it as well!!

Tatiana said...

Oh, I love those! It would be so fun to use it for Halloween too :-)

Sara Stoff said...


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