biggest mistake of the month

do you remember these sketches of the mug hugging girl and the drawing girl?
on the weekend i painted them on glazed tiles that i'm using as coasters.  i made a big mistake though...

i knew all along that i wasn't sure if the paint would stay (especially on the glaze). since i was having so much fun painting i just kept going. so when i was done i found out that the burgundy paint wiped away with water and light scratching. how disappointing. you can see it especially on the right tile where the heart is and also the girl's foot right next to the heart. what is weird: the other colors stay much better. next time i'll do better homework or at least test out earlier how well it stays on.

my mom bought glass paint some years ago, with which we made our mustard glasses look better. (for those that don't know: in germany mustard glasses are usually made to be used as drinking glasses once you finished the mustard.) you have to bake that paint after applying to the glass in the oven and then it'll stay almost forever. i could imagine using a paint like that for the tile coasters.

what do you think?  do you have any good ideas for me how to paint the tiles?

by the way, i had made another blinky animation last month, it was for ♥elycia's blog.


Marianne said...

I like the blinky animation a lot. Yet I'm very sorry about the paint coming off those tiles. Indeed, the glasspaint to be "baked" might be a better option. We can try to find it once you're here.

Aurum Doily said...

Lol, you can do a series of dry erase coasters! They will be loads of fun in a pictionary party.

Thanks so much for your comment.

Unknown said...

Oh Wow!!!! I'm gasping here! This blog is awesome. I just found you through a comment you made on a friend's blog, and I can't believe how awesome your art is! I have to follow. O.o

Also, your animated artsy ants button is irresistible. I am snagging it for my blog. :D


-Brianne Danae

Elle Sees said...

i've no experience there, but i can't wait to see what works

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