a word about bloglovin or how you prefer to read blogs?

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so, it looks like bloglovin' is the next big thing in the blogging world? i'll admit i (sylvia) am still not 100% convinced about the site, but i'm giving it a try. i started using bloglines a few years ago, but then it was said that the site would be shut down (which in the end, it didn't. but then i was already gone) so i moved all my blogs over to google reader. i really loved how easy it was to follow blogs through the google friend connect button and through the blogger dashboard. sometimes there are some hiccups with marking blogposts as read (i get a funny "oops" message) but apart from that i love google reader.
i realized you somehow remain on the bloglovin website even if you click the url of the blog you're reading...i have imported some blogs that i read into my bloglovin account and will try it out over the next few weeks.

what about you? how do you read your blogs? which feedreader are you using or are you bookmarking the blogs you follow? have you tried bloglovin?


Danielle Quarmby said...

I'm a reader fan, I like being able to click on it from my email account. I use google docs and calendar for the same reason. I'm very googly, it's quite sad ;)

Nathalie Kalbach said...

unfortunatley I'm googly too - lazy I am ;)

Karolina Pettersson said...

i totally love bloglovin! it took me a while to get a hold of it, but now when i have used it for some time, i don't know how i could live without it before! it's so nice to move in there and then scroll throgh your favoriteblogs and see heading and some picure.

i used to use bloggers altenatives to follow blogs, but now i can't belive how i could stand with that!

give bloglovin a try and u might fall in love with it just as much as me!
love k

simona said...

right now i'm using my google dashboard (lazy, that's why), but am thinking about trying bloglovin out.
i like the look and layout of bloglovin. but i'm not sure if i like what you mentioned too, that even when you click on somebody's link you in reality stay on the bloglovin page. just doens't seem right to me.

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