thrifty sunday outfit

this week's biggest news on my end: i had my hair chopped off! that was on sunday. i love my new pixie cut but i'm glad my hubby took pictures of me before i got it cut.

so this was my last outfit with long hair for quite a while. perhaps the last ever? who knows. i'll show you my new cut on the weekend, so make sure you visit artsy ants to see the coolest cut ever, ha-ha!

my sunday outfit was very typical for me: a mix of good deals and hand-me-downs. just for the fun of it: take a look at it and guess what i spent on it...

the dress was a great buy at either tj-maxx or marshalls, it's somewhat of a retro style dress from 'max and cleo'. aren't the colors and the border print absolutely gorgeous? unfortunately it doesn't seem to be this brand's usual style. it was on sale, the original price was around $150 and i payed only $14.90. ka-ching! i love everything about it - and it even has pockets!

the shoes were a thrift store purchase. i payed more for them than i usually would. they were almost brand new though, so i figured the $5 would still be a decent investment.

my rust/orange colored bag was a yard sale find. i tried to get it for $1 dollar but the lady insisted on getting $2 for it. how greedy of her :)

and then last but not least my sweater, it was a hand-me-down i got from my friend when she moved away and decided not to take everything with her. it was originally from h&m.
(i was also wearing a necklace i had gotten for just a couple of bucks but i forgot to take a picture of it and now it's dark outside.)

all in all my color coordinated sunday outfit cost me less than $25. that's what i call thrifty!


sylvia said...

you are the coolest, thrifty chick on the block! can't wait to go thrifting and yardsaling with you again!!

Karolina Pettersson said...

oh love your outfit!
and looking forward to see your new haircut!
my hair is right beneath my shoulders, for the second time in my life, always been a short hairgirl, but now i'm waiting for mine to get longer, so i can make some fun cut out of it til the summer!
fun and cute post!

Anja said...

Seeehr schönes Outfit!
Als ich das erste Foto sah, ohne gelesen zu haben dachte ich erst WOW sind Deine Haare schon wieder lang geworden :-D
Bin gespannt auf die neuen Fotos! Ich will auch bald wieder abschneiden lassen, aber nicht soooo viel. Hatte das ja vor nem Jahr machen lassen, so auf Schulterlänge und gemerkt, dass die Locken dann wieder viel schöne sitzen :) Und jetzt wird es mal wieder Zeit!

Nicole said...

SO adorable & sophisticated! Great steals!

Stefanie Elisabeth said...

Hey cool!! Schöne Farben! Auf deinen neuen Haarschnitt bin ich echt gespannt, war letzte Woche auch beim frisör

Sherri said...

Elegant! Love that it is thrifted. I shop thrift all the time and love my deals. The dress is beautiful.

Kelly said...

You definitely have the knack Simona! I never seem to find awesome things at great prices..and that dress is definitely stunning. Can't wait to see your new 'do xx

Elle Sees said...

do u like the new cut?

simona said...

thanks for all your comments!
yes, i love my new cut!! i'll show you soon.

20 YORK STREET said...

A 2-dollar purse? Hmmnn... greedy lady indeed!

I love that dress on you, so pretty!



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Kate said...

gorgeous dress, what a deal.

Marianne said...

I really love this thrift-store and yardsale-shopping in the States. You'd never ever find such beautiful items for that price in Germany!!

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