he loves his panda bear

you probably saw the first one of the 'bear hug' sketches. i played with that theme a little further. while sketching some more and trying to find out how it looked the cutest i discovered i was being a little one-sided, only drawing girls with their teddy. so i made sure i'd include boys as well.

i'm thinking of making postcards with my favorite kids. and i'm also planning on painting my little 'mug hugging girl' onto a coaster. if it comes out alright it might make a nice gift for somebody.

i wonder how else i could make use of my illustrations for other people's enjoyment. do you have any inspiration for me? i'd love to read about your ideas!


PoesyGirl said...

These are incredible! I wish I could draw, I even took classes to learn. You have some wonderful talent!

sylvia said...

oh that boy hugging his panda bear, so so so cute!!!

i'm sure having the mug-hugging girl on a mug would be cool too!

Marianne said...

I wonder, where you got the idea about a panda-bear... :)
Could you print some of the motives on T-shirts? How about making a neutral (lasting for centuries, ha, ha!) calendar with kids-hugging-bears-motives?

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