fun painting class

last weekend i held a painting class in my little sunroom studio, two adults and three kids were painting. we did a landscape painting with vibrant colors and everybody did really well. the atmosphere was a lot different from my usual classes that are with seniors which i also enjoy very much. with the seniors we're going for a relaxed atmosphere during the class. with this group however it was very lively and lots of fun!

my husband pulled out our camera and took pictures he wants to email the participants for nice memories. while he tweaked the pictures in photoshop i used it as a chance for sketching with time limit, needing to finish it before he moved on to the next photo.

some people who attend my painting classes haven't painted in years, sometimes decades, even others have never held a paintbrush in their life.
when's the last time you've painted? and do you remember what the subject was?


sylvia said...

well, the last time was in a mixed media class with Nat. I don't really paint much these days... would love a class with you though! :)

Nathalie Kalbach said...

this looks awesome!!! I would love to do a class with you!

Karolina Pettersson said... must been a selfportrait i started out over a year ago that i never finished..i somewhere along that procedure realized that i was more of a drawing illustrative girl than a painting girl. and i loved that i realized that, now i don't have to struggle with outlines that doen't become the way i want anymore! :)

i still like to paint though, but i guess in a not so photo perfect realistic way. collage and paint are my thing there i guess!

Marianne said...

I attended a painting class for seniors in November. That was so inspiring! The last time I ever painted before that was in school - and I won't give that year away.....
My husband and I enjoyed the class sooooo much, because we don't only love the teacher's ideas and patience, but rather the teacher herself! Yes, YOU are such a wonderful teacher, Simona.

Anonymous said...

the last time I painted...???
I can't even remember, I guess it was in kinder garden or preschool, I don't know.
I've never tried it either but I think I don't have the talent :/

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