winter decoration: reds and white

this was our idea challange last week: do you have any pure winter decoration ideas or did you happen to stumble upon anybody else's?
pure in the sense of only letting yourself be inspired by nature, which includes the colors and temperatures of winter? here is our second round: reds and white

amongst the white (and very often grey) of winter (okay, and that little share of blue sky we get sometimes too) i find it fascinating how much colour actually "survives"... if we just look out for it... and very often it's red. this is a picture i took in 2007, the snow melted just minutes after that:

danielle took some awesome pictures on our road-trip to Denmark at the beginning of this year and made beautiful wall art with them (check her etsy shop for more!):

this is my own personal interpretation of the reds and white in winter decoration. i admit some of this stuff is from the craft store... but this way i can keep it until spring arrives.

and here is an idea that a friend from austria, steffi sent us.

she cuts up oranges and dries them in the oven to make our own potpourri basket.
a cool idea, thanks for sending us photos, steffi! you could also dry the orange slices on a heater and fill your room with a nice wintery scent!


simona said...

Super Idee, Steffi!

Stefanie Elisabeth said...

cool danke!!! die riechen dann richtig gut... aber sylvias idee, sie auf die heizkörper zu legen ist auch klasse.

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