Oct 5, 2015

autumn discoveries

the vivid colors of fall keep inspiring me year after year. i am always ooh-ing and aah-ing over bright yellow, orange and read foliage and am often seen bending down to pick up some colorful leaves to add to my collection. imagine my delight when on a family field trip this weekend we spotted dozens of toadstools. i remembered a sketch i had made back in summer, and thought i might share both with you today.
have a good start to your week!

Sep 30, 2015

yarn along :: a new book and a new shawl

happy yarn along wednesday! so glad i get to join in today, too many wednesdays just went by with me remembering in the late afternoon that i might have posted...

so, what's new on the knitting and reading front? i finished Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee and (as many others) have mixed feelings about it. the circumstances leading to the publication of this book along with the fact that it was written before To Kill a Mockingbird and was actually rejected by the publishers at the time makes it hard for me to form an opinion. i think it would have been really great if this was an actual sequel. but it's not, so i just regard it as a piece of literature that i as an english literature graduate felt compelled to add to my required reading list.

i am yet to start Light Between Oceans in german, my mum just read it and as always i trust her taste.

i have a lot of wip's going, so why not start another one? Rachel of house full of jays and i have decided to have another kal, a shawl again. this time, it's the Trillian shawl and i'm knitting it up in wonderful Hedgehog Fibres handdyed sock yarn. the colors are a little on the pale side, but i think i will love wearing the shawl with darker sweaters and cardigans.

what are you knitting and reading right now? joining ginny's yarn along.

Sep 22, 2015

snippets of life

oh my, the weeks are just flying by. tomorrow is the first day of autumn, can any of you believe it? as most of you know, it is my favourite season. i am hoping for a lot of golden days, full of sunshine and walks in the woods with crunchy colorful leaves under my feet.

right now, simona and her husband are here visiting. they haven't been in germany in over 2 years so it is quite a treat to spend time together in our hometown and catching up with old friends.

my little (well, not so little anymore) man has started school. it is going well and he is enjoying it. we are slowly finding our groove with getting up early and school pick ups. it's a new rhythm to our days, but we're getting used to it and i'm happy to say i still find little pockets of time for creative exercises of all kinds. i have a whole basket of knitting wip's, and a sketchbook slowly filling with sketches, mostly of animals. i'll make sure to share some more sketchbook pages in a post next week.

wishing everybody a lovely day!

Sep 11, 2015

thrive :: by playing with new tools

"When you play with new tools and methods, you will literally activate parts of your mind that have become hard to reach over time." 

- from The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna.

I have had this book for a while,  I am reading it slowly, savoring it. It inspires me to unearth my must and slowly work towards discovering where it can lead me. 
Just getting new tools (my Staedtler water color pencils and a few ink pens) has sparked a passion and has my head spinning with new ideas. 


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