Dec 20, 2014

an ocean apart :: 50/52 :: tools



i cannot believe i just wrote 50/52. 50 weeks of sharing sisterly photographs. 2 more weeks to go! 
2 sisters, 2 photos, 1 theme. have the most lovely weekend!

Dec 18, 2014

snowflake windows

so, after i shared my autumn windows with the dried leaves suncatcher (see a peek here) and my musical windows with cut out musical sheets (see this post), i thought i might share my snowflake windows next...

i followed the same technique as with the dried leaves. for a few days, i spent every free minute snipping away paper snowflakes. we shared a small how to with some helpful links in this post a few years ago. 

then i cut a piece of self-adhesive sheet according to the width of one of our front windows. together with my little man, we stuck the paper snowflakes onto the self-adhesive sheet and then directly onto the window. i just love the look of this. the self adhesive sheet makes the window look frosted, and it is good for screening during this dark time of the year when we need to put on the lights a lot. 

just look at the terrible rainy weather out there. i hope the snowflakes work their magic and we'll have real snow soon!

Dec 17, 2014

yarn along - a finished scarf and back to the wip's

yesterday i finished my grey loop shawl. i had made the same last year for a friend, (i didn't follow a pattern for this one, just cast on 14 stitches and went on in stockinette stitch, which intentionally lets the ends curl. later i sewed both ends together).
 and i don't know yet if i will keep this one or not. it's really warm, chunky merino yarn and the loop fits around my neck three times for outdoor wear. i still have 4 skeins of that yarn left, and we are planning a giveaway to celebrate a milestone in etsy sales soon, so look out for that!

yes, i got carried away with a few photoshop brushes on that photo (taken by my 5yo little man. thank you, spencer!). i really wanted to give the photo a wintry feel despite of all the wet grey surrounding it ;)

i am wearing my first shalom, handknit mitts and a handmade jersey beanie.

my reading - you might have guessed - is still the same. Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore but i am quite far in the book by now and can say that it is a really good read! i'm sure i'll finish it by the weekend. which is good because i have a stack of books i am planning to read during the holiday break. 

also pictured is my Mairéad hat of which you can see the pattern a bit. i hope the yarn lasts for this one otherwise i will have to get creative.

what are you knitting and reading this week? looking forward to catching up! joining ginny of small things.

Dec 16, 2014

an ocean apart :: 49/52 :: be my guest



our photos of last week. 2 sisters, 2 photos. 1 theme. have a great day!
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