Jan 28, 2015

yarn along: on my needles and on my nightstand

last week i finished my Nordic Wind Shawl. i blocked it and wore it on the weekend already! i really love the size of it, it's just a pity the L├ętt Lopi yarn is quite rough. so i can't wear it around my neck, but it's great to keep the shoulders warm! i should have taken the photos of the finished shawl a day later, when it looked like this outside:

after the scratchy Lopi yarn it is such a treat to return to the soft soft Malabrigo Arroyo yarn with my Age of Brass and Steam. i think it will end up kerchief size so i will eventually wrap it around my neck but this yarn is perfect for that!

i finished Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore and i really liked it! i'm now reading a book from the children's library by Liz Kessler. i just started it yesterday and already find the story quite captivating!

joining ginny again this week. and what are you all knitting and reading???

Jan 26, 2015

our outer space "week"

it's been all about rockets, astronouts, the planets and stars over here for the past few weeks. once again, i searched my favourite resource pinterest for crafts and activities fitting the current interest. i found a cute tutorial for a painted plastic bottle rocket, but we decided to go for a quicker alternative, namely using duct tape and wrapping it around the bottle. it helped with attaching the stands too, and for the tip of the rocket we used double sided tape.

on the second photo you can see our "boosters" made from toilet paper rolls and how we attached them to the body of the rocket using velcro strips. we learned from one of the DVD's we rented from the library that these boosters contain fuel, and that once they are empty and no longer needed (when the rocket is flying in the earth's orbit) they are thrown off into space. to realistically recreate this we needed boosters that could be easily attached and detached again and again, hence the velcro!

this is a craft that i also found on pinterest and it is originally from here. we used very thick and sturdy cardboard for this project and even screws and nuts instead of  brads, just to make the whole thing more robust. of course, the model is not in proportion, but it is perfect for explaining night and day, half moon and full moon and the likes.

we brought several outer space themed books from the library, but one by Benjamin Becue is our favourite. i didn't find it in english, but here is a link to the spanish version with an english description: El Espacio al Dedillo. it works with varied textures, glow in the dark and more, we loved it!

a week turned into weeks, and outer space, planets, the universe, stars, astronauts and rockets are still very much a topic around theses parts and which i think is wonderful! ***

Jan 19, 2015

sketches of cats and dogs

lately, i've gotten into using charcoal again. i used to draw with charcoal as a teen, and then i had another short phase in my mid-20s, and now i am back into that medium again. so it seems it's a thing that comes and goes every decade of my life. but somehow i have the feeling that maybe it'll just stay this time.

quite a while ago i saw a really sweet photo of danielle's daughter cuddling with two kittens and asked her to email it to me, which she did. i keep that picture in my 'favorites' folder in my phone pics, and now i also have this charcoal version of it in my sketch book.

before i had a cat i don't think i ever drew one. in fact, i've always sketched humans more than anything else. now that i have an adorable cat of my own and thereby have a bit more interest in them in general, i've sketched them once or twice.

of course, my cat doesn't really have eyes as big as in the sketch here, it's more like a caricature, i wanted to capture the expression with which she looks at me when she wants a treat!
the little dog is from a random picture i found.

so, right now, charcoal does it for me. while i can't imagine anything holding my attention for too long at a time, i admire people who specialize in one thing and do nothing else, which enables them to master whatever that might be. but just the thought of sticking to one single hobby, craft, or drawing/painting medium makes me feel bored and restless.
do you also switch around between different mediums and craft materials? 

Jan 16, 2015

thrive :: with fresh flowers

the other day my mother brought me some fresh tulips. once again, i was amazed at what a difference fresh flowers can make for the atmosphere in a room. i don't know why i tend to forget to buy fresh flowers, especially in the rather flower-less months. i like how the tulips are a promise of a changing season, while the twinkly lights and the snowflake decoration remind us to cherish the season we are still in. fresh flowers are such a simple and good way to add a postitive and fresh vibe to my days. i want to remember to indulge in fresh flowers a lot more this year!
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