Nov 24, 2015

snow day

long time readers of this blog will know that i am a big winter and snow lover, but unfortunately live in a region in germany that is not known for great snow winters (due to it's proximity to the ocean, which, i admit, is certainly a bonus we take advantage of!)

there so many other winter delights we indulge in (frost!, ice!, the fireplace!, gingerbread!) but when the snow does make it to our neck of the woods (it's always a surprise, isn't it?), we make sure to CELEBRATE it! so our first snow day this winter involved everything from a snowball fight, building a snowman, going sledding, clearing the driveway and just letting the snowflakes fall on our faces and listening to the crunch crunch beneath our feet.

coming inside and watching the snowflakes dance, drying mittens and hats infront of the fire, having hot chocolate and clementines and pulling out all our winter books - i think that was my favourite part of the day!

and i never give up hope that we might have a few more snowfilled days (or, dare i say, weeks?) this winter. it is just so much fun!!

Nov 16, 2015

nature walk details, and a painting wip

it's been way too long since my last blog post, and i don't really know how to go about this anymore. the biggest problem i always have is not knowing what to write, and after writing a few sentences i delete everything again. this is why i like simply adding a photo to our instagram account (@artsyants), because all i need to do there is write a tiny caption and i'm done. this past weekend i took a few pictures during our hike by a nearby creek, so i thought i'd share these on the blog, even if i don't find much to say/write to go along with the photos. but, after all, the beauty of creation speaks for itself :)

this fall has not been spectacular by any means when it come to foliage. we have have only spotted a handful of really nicely colored trees. that is a bit disappointing, but there are many other things to see and enjoy on a fall hike, that's why i focused in on the pretty details in nature.

painting wip

over past few months i have done far more sketching and drawing than i have over the past few years. i will share some of that in a future post (there are a few that made it to our instagram stream in case you're curious). for now i'll give you a glimpse of my latest WIP, it's a portrait painting. i never really learned how to paint, so every time i do paint i'm just figuring out things as i go. maybe i should watch some youtube videos, i'm sure that would teach me quite a bit. right now i'm nervous about continuing this painting since i'm afraid about ruining it, since as i said, i really don't know what i'm doing. if it turns out okay i might share the finished version.

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Nov 11, 2015

yarn along: slow knitting and fast reading

whoa, long stretch of not blogging... it is weird how busy my days have become. not in a bad way. just in a way that i mostly do not do stuff that i would blog about. but: there has been knitting and plenty of reading!

i have tons of wip's, but this shawl is the one i am mostly picking up. the yarn is so incredibly soft, the silk and bluefaced leicester blend is such a treat. i have just been making it a simple triangle shawl and have now started a block of garter stitch just to speed things up a little. i really just want to get this one done and around my neck.

i finished "The Light Between Oceans" within a few days while we were at the ocean. i have mixed feelings about it. i loved the description of the island and the lighthouse keeper's life. but the story is so heartbreaking it almost hurt literally. i felt such deep pity for Isabel, and started to detest her husband for what he allowed to happen and the way he "solved" everything in the end. have you read it? i'd like to know if you had similar strong feelings about the characters in the book!

right now it's a page turner. maybe i'm the last to read it, but i also haven't seen the film yet (in fact i haven't been to the movies for over 2 years...) but Gone Girl is keeping me awake! i plan to finish it before the weekend.

what are you knitting and reading? joining ginny's yarn along once again. have a lovely wednesday!

Oct 5, 2015

autumn discoveries

the vivid colors of fall keep inspiring me year after year. i am always ooh-ing and aah-ing over bright yellow, orange and read foliage and am often seen bending down to pick up some colorful leaves to add to my collection. imagine my delight when on a family field trip this weekend we spotted dozens of toadstools. i remembered a sketch i had made back in summer, and thought i might share both with you today.
have a good start to your week!

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