Nov 17, 2014

sailboats for the playmobil families - egg carton kids craft

i saw these simple egg carton sailboats on pinterest the other day, so we gave it a try! we used actual fabric for the sails, which made them a bit harder to fasten. but painting the egg carton was so much fun and after that we collected our playmobil families to enter the sailboats. we love to make something for our playmobil people! it always ends in endless hours of fun and imaginative play !

Nov 11, 2014

gift ideas from the artsy ants shop: wire art

we've been featuring some products from our etsy shop (see our post about illustrations and art prints from last week). apart from custom portraits and wire art bikes, of which the tandem version is especially popular, we have a selection of products that are suitable as gifts or home decor. we hope you feel inspired to browse our shop!

simona has been making wire art for many years now. i especially like her pendants, they are unique and versatile, as there seems to be a fitting wire art pendant for every mood and season.

these leaf pendants are perfect for any nature lover or naturalist. i also know of some customers who hung up the wire leaves against a window, the colourful glass beads make them miniature suncatchers!

looking for a gift for a writer, teacher or sketcher? how about these delicate wire art pencil pendants?

as a gentle reminder for the day or a sentiment that reflects the season we're in, these beaded wire letters could be used in so many ways. they make beautiful wall hangings, or could be used as a gift wrapping ornament or a window hanger, too. looking for a symbol, word or sentiment that is not in the shop? just drop us a line and we'll work something out!

Nov 10, 2014

an ocean apart :: 44/52 :: foliage



you can find a small explanation about the project here.
2 sisters, 2 photos, 1 theme.
have a good start to your week!

Nov 5, 2014

yarn along: a dress, a steamy and a bookstore

i finished The Distant Hours by Kate Morton last week, and i liked it, even though i prefer The Forgotten Garden. there were a few inconsistencies in the concluding chapters that irked me a bit, but all in all i fell for the english countryside, cups of tea and tragic love story. i want to read The House at Riverton next.

now i started Mr Penumbra's 24-hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan. i'm just into the first pages so i will share more about how i like it next week.

the Emma Tunic is making progress, i am just about to devide the front and back. i started a new knit as well, The Age of Brass and Steam, which i simply call "steamy" in a delicious Malabrigo Arroyo yarn... it's a knitalong with Rachel of house full of jays. it's not the most favourite pattern i've ever knit, i admit, but maybe i have to warm up to it (not so fond of the YO, but without them, well, it wouldn't be a "steamy"). in any case, i am looking forward to wrapping the soft kerchief with it's wonderful green shades around my neck!

joining ginny again today. what are you knitting and reading??
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