Jul 28, 2015

summer days...

oh, we're having a very average summer here in northern europe (especially compared to last year, when we were truly spoiled).
but there's something we can do, and we do it well. and that it is making the best of it. people around here know how to enjoy a good sunny day and not take it for granted.
 just as much as they know how to savor a rainy day... of which we're having quite a stretch right now. they are prediciting a summery august though, so i am not done with this season.

as a small midsummer recap, we have...

... played soccer in neighborhood parks.

... taken bike tours on north sea islands.

... makde trips to a nearby lake.

...harvested loads of salad, and cucumber and beans.

are you still savoring summer? or are you ready for fall? 

Jul 27, 2015

travelling with kids :: more freedom through less choices

a couple of weeks ago i received an issue of the ever inspiring newsletter by the girls of crafting connections. in it danielle described how she travelled with her kids for 17 days, and how she loved the simplicity of just having with her what she packed for these 17 days. and it made her think about how she could cultivate that same simplicity upon returning back home.

that newsletter really resonated with me and i immediately hit "reply". as a family, we made that experience too, when we went on our trip to the states to visit my sister simona and travel around a little there.

we were gone for 9 weeks, of which we travelled for 3 weeks on a road trip with only 1 piece of luggage per person. yes, we did have extra bags for beach towels and an umbrella and a box full of snacks for the car ride.

but apart from that, for 21 days we all had just a bag each.

we would all choose from just a handful of outfits (favorites, i guess?) and wash on every stop.

the kids had a stuffed animal each, a card game, a few legos, and a small stack of books in their bag. and it worked. we read the same books over and over. and, well, lego is probably the most versatile toy ever, so that was no big deal!

i had a single knitting project with me and one journal (admittedly, i did bring my kindle so i had a choice of books).

it's funny that only after reading danielle's newsletter did it fully occur to me how wonderful that aspect of travelling was. how quickly we were able to pack up in order to drive to our next destination. how choosing what to wear was never an issue. how i loved everything i wore. how easy it was to find stuff. how i knew exactly how i would spend my mornings (knitting on that one project). how i did not miss anything.

i realized that it all boils down to a simple equation: less choices = more freedom!

i'm pretty sure that travelling light (as light as you can with two young children) helped us to concentrate so much more on the wonderfulness of that trip. the way i see it is that by minimizing the extra baggage, by travelling light and keeping things simple, we made room for adventure. we made space for what matters most while travelling. we not only freed our bags but also our minds to take it all in: watching birds, dolphins and aligators, looking for shells and shark teeth, savoring the sunsets at the ocean, singing at bonfires, hiking mysterious forests. the best moments are the simple moments!

what are your experiences with keeping it simple while travelling?

(if you enjoyed this blog post, you might like my post about conquering wanderlust with small-scale adventuring, too.)

{of course, i too ask myself how i can translate this simplicity of travelling light into our everyday lives. how less choices will create more freedom. i think this will have to be a whole new blog post though. i'm pretty good at decluttering and keeping clear spaces in our house. at the same time, especially when it comes to clothes and toys, i am sure i could enhance our feeling of freedom by having less choices on hand. it's a process...}

Jul 22, 2015

yarn along :: a linen shawl and guernsey reading

the yarn from my frogged saco stripes tank (quince and co's sparrow) is now being used to make a nangou shawl. so, i am really not a fan of knitting with linen, but i hope that it will work up as a nice shawl. a had this book on my list for a while, and it turns out my mum owns a copy. i like it very much. simona and i visted guernsey at the end of the 1980ies with our parents, and we all loved it there! i wish we could return one day...

joining ginny's yarn along. what are you knitting and reading this week?

Jul 14, 2015

summer garden impressions

these are just a few things i've enjoyed about this summer so far, and spending time outdoors. always something new to see and discover. the first picture is actually at a friend's house, we had a really nice going away party for some friends and i was in love with how the lemonade and infused water jars looked like. and the taste was fantastic as well!

i hope you're enjoying your summer garden too!
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