Aug 24, 2015

a summer weekend

i have developed the habit of almost exclusively taking pictures with my phone. it is ok, having it with me at almost all times, very handy, quick to take out and put back into my pocket without much of an interruption in my day to day flow. also, it is easy to share special little moments and moments of ordinary beauty on social media.

but there are times when i just itch to grab my big camera again. the whole act of holding a camera that actually weighs something makes me focus on the beauty of these moments in a whole other way.

a lazy sunday afternoon in the garden, noticing all the goodness and beauty around me, with my "real" camera in hand.

we had a full weekend, time spent with friends in the countryside, lots of harvesting of cucumber, tomato, blackberries. a lunch date with my 90-year-old grandma. and sitting on the hollywood swing chatting with my parents while the kids played in the garden until the sun went down. it was good!

joining karen for weekending. have a lovely start to your week!

Aug 14, 2015

rainy day doings

our summer this year has been interspersed with rainy days. i like a good summer rain, and we have actually been happily drenched a few times. it is a bit annoying having to collect things from the yard that are not supposed to get wet every few days. and one of my favourite things to do during summer evenings is watering the garden, but on many days this hasn't been necessary, as the next thunderstorm was already in sight. i'll take that, though. that extra chunk of time means i can pursue some new(ish) artistic passions... i got a coloring book by johanna basford. i totally get the hype about coloring books for adults. at the end of a busy day, or just for a few minutes within the busyness of a day, it is great to play with colors and beautiful shapes. such a mindless, relaxing activity. i am using my new watercolor pencils, which i also pick up to color in my own sketches. apart from sketching and coloring, we have been enjoying board games, especially one that helps my little man learn to spell and read in a playful way.

whatever you're up to, have a happy weekend!

Aug 13, 2015

in the garden in mid august

my garden updates have been sparse this summer, even though this is the summer in which we have done most in the garden so far. today i am sharing just a few corners that make me happy.

two apples on our apple tree. no worries, we are going apple picking as every year... but i am debating if the neighbor's apple trees are enough or if we should get another apple tree or if it really is the lack of bees...?

i just planted this summer lilac, also called butterfly bush this year and i am delighted by the way it is blooming. it is wonderful to have some lilacs in the yard in late summer!

the raised beds are doing well with beans, beans, beans and squash (intentionally grown this year). the slugs/snails are still a pain, they ate some of the blooms but there is plenty of fruit still on there and more blooms so i am hopeful!

not pictured is our little greenhouse with sadly just a few tomatoes, but more beans and yummy cucumber. we eat at least a cucumber a day so i am thinking next year we might have to grow at least two plants!

also not pictured are our blackberry bushes. i'm saving that for another post. they look promising!

here is what i harvested yesterday: a lovely cucumber, more beans, just a handful of tomatoes and the very beginning of a hopefully bountiful blackberry season.

what is growing in your garden??

Jul 28, 2015

summer days...

oh, we're having a very average summer here in northern europe (especially compared to last year, when we were truly spoiled).
but there's something we can do, and we do it well. and that it is making the best of it. people around here know how to enjoy a good sunny day and not take it for granted.
 just as much as they know how to savor a rainy day... of which we're having quite a stretch right now. they are prediciting a summery august though, so i am not done with this season.

as a small midsummer recap, we have...

... played soccer in neighborhood parks.

... taken bike tours on north sea islands.

... makde trips to a nearby lake.

...harvested loads of salad, and cucumber and beans.

are you still savoring summer? or are you ready for fall? 

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