Feb 26, 2015

february sketch update

as sylvia wrote in her last post, lately, life has come in the way of blogging. the main reason we started this blog together was that sylvia and i wanted to stay in touch not only by talking on skype and emailing, but also wanted to keep each other up to date on creative projects and work on some of these together. we've been doing all that, just not shared as much on the blog. admittedly, sylvia has been MUCH better at keeping the blog alive (danke, mein schatz!), so today i've put some sketches together to have something to share as well.

as you can see, i'm still into charcoal, and as always totally into faces. but i've been itching lately to get some paint on my fingers. i've got one custom portrait i need to finish first, then i can clear my space to get the paints out. can't wait!

Feb 23, 2015

weekending in late february

it's funny how life gets in the way of blogging. for me, at least, the last couple of months have felt like that. i think february is the alltime low in posts here on artsy ants. i read a couple of posts in our archives over the weekend and felt sad, in a way, about how we've neglected our blog. on the other hand, there is so much good happening, just so little time to share it all. it's why i've really come to love instagram. a photo, a few words, lots of connection. if you are on instagram and not following us yet, please do! we are artsyants!

at least i'm finding the time today to join lovely karen with a weekending post. i changed our window decor in the kitchen and got rid of every single paper snowflake in the house. i am so ready for spring. the lack of snow but amount of rain and cold weather anyway this winter was frustrating. friday night was mama's night out. a lovely evening spent with lots of girlfriends, with sushi, singstar and a chick flick. saturday was a quiet day at home. i cast on a flax pullover for the little man last week and made quite some progress down the body. saturday also marked 3 more weeks until we fly off to the states to be with simona and her husband! on sunday the sun was shining for a change, so we spent hours outside, on the swings, collecting sticks and building forts.

how was your weekend? wishing everybody a good start to this week!

Feb 13, 2015

finding adventure :: my travel journal

using a softbound Leuchtturm 1917 notebook, i created a personalised cover for the travel journal i plan to use on our family's 9-week-long adventure. i once made a scrapbook on the road a few years back, and it will probably always be my favourite way of documenting travel experiences. i do not plan to print out selected photos this time though, as i am sure the sheer amount of them would drive me crazy. i plan on making a photobook like the ones i am making to document our family's years. tickets, a few postcards and flyers will find their way into my travel journal too, but apart from that i am trying to focus on writing as much as possible and making sketches to accompany my written words. i didn't want to carry a bag with embellishments with me this time either. it was a fun idea that i will return to one day, but i'm trying to keep things simple this time.

the stitching on the cover was inspired by the cover lori made for her travel journal to document her trip to the Shetland islands last year. i love the thought of a single bird representing adventure.
for me, it's the pelican. i had to get creative with the back, making openings for the elastic band that holds everything together, but it worked and now my travel journal is done and ready to be filled in just a few weeks!

have a lovely weekend!

Feb 6, 2015

thrive :: with passion

(just a random photo of a peacock we saw in a park last weekend. although, when i think of it, he probably lives with passion and most certainly with style! )

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”

―  Maya Angelou

while i make "thrive" my word for this year, i am looking for  quotes that speak to me and inspire me. i like this one. in order to thrive with some passion, i need to define what i'm passionate about, and to pursue those passions and make time and space for them.

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