Apr 24, 2015

spring garden: seeldings and bird babies

it's almost may. while i really love spring and enjoy all the green having come back, i'm hoping that this very rainy spring we've had so far is finally over and turns more into the type of spring that allows for actual gardening – instead of wading through a yard that turned into a big swamp.

it hasn't rained for two days now, so i went outside to take a few pictures of what's growing. while out there i discovered that we have birds nesting right under our deck. i'm not sure how many little ones they have. i saw at least 4 babies, but didn't want to be too intrusive in order not to disturb and stress out the little bird family.

as you see, there is not too much going on yet, but the seedlings are growing nicely, and so are the little birds. wishing everybody happy gardening!

Mar 26, 2015

spring in the south


as the pictures tell, we are thoroughly enjoying the lovely warm and breezy spring days here in the southern us. wearing t-shirts in march, what a luxury! i also find it fascinating that once we will be back home in germany in the middle of may, planting and gardening season will just have started. that means that we will be able to enjoy an extra-long spring this year.

my brother-in-law set up the perfect tree swing already years ago for our little man to use (remember this photo from our last time here? oh, such good and fun times!) a few days ago while the kids were playing and swinging outside, there was a sudden breeze and thousands of white petals flew around us, and landed on the grass. it was magical!

hope all of you are enjoying the season wherever you are!
we will be back next week with some art and knitting to share!

Mar 18, 2015

yarn along: a finished bag and project dreaming

my family and i arrived at simona's last weekend, and we are all thoroughly enjoying our time together. of course, there has been knitting, too. just in time for our trip i finished the cabled shoulder bag, by and with Moeke Yarns. i am quite pleased with the way it turned out, especially as this is my first time knitting cables. i loved it and will be looking for more cable projects in the future!

next up, it's a cardi for me! i chose the Louise cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hoge, which i am knitting in Quince & Co.'s owl yarn. i am still waiting for a skein of peacock blue as a third color, and once it arrives i'm ready to cast on.

i have started Attachments by Rainbow Rowell, as i really loved her ya novels i thought i might like this one too. i am only a few pages into the book though so i can't say anything about it yet.

joining ginny's yarn along again today. what are you knitting and reading?

Mar 4, 2015

yarn along :: a finished flax and a wip bag

i'm joining ginny's yarn along again today. still my favourite linkup ever, and i'm so happy she came up with it. in the last 2 weeks i cast on and finished a Flax pullover. i shared a wip photo of it last week for my weekending post, but never made a yarn along post, so i thought i might share the evolution of the flax with some instagram shots i took. 

here is the finished pullover on my boy, still unblocked. once i block it, i am sure it will fit also next winter. the collar turned out very wide, which is why i went down 2 needle sizes for the sleeve ribbings. if i knit it again, i will do the same for the collar, as 1 size down in needles did not do the trick. all in all i am pleased with the end result and also with the speed with which this pullover was finished. you can find more details on my ravely project page.

i have now cast on a knitted shoulder bag by moeke yarns, i am knitting it in the yarn the pattern was written for, eco-friendly romanian wool from moeke yarns. this is the first time i am experimenting with cables and i LOVE it! i don't have enough yardage to finish both sides of the bag with this yarn, so i will use another colour and yarn for the back. 

reading wise i brought all books back to the library and will not get any new ones before our trip. a little reading about knitting one page at at time just suits my needs at the moment, so it's "at knit's end - meditations for women who knit too much" by  Stephanie Pearl-McPhee for now. i am looking for books to download to take with me on our travels so i would love reading recommendations today!

and now it's your turn! what are you knitting and reading???

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