Oct 17, 2014

an ocean apart :: 40/52 and 41/52 :: creek and growing on a tree

:: creek ::



:: growing on a tree ::



you can find a small explanation about the project here.
2 sisters, 2 photos, 1 theme.
wishing everybody a wonderful weekend full of outdoor moments!

Oct 16, 2014

working in the middle of it - sharing my workspace

(my work space)

(always on hand: coffee in my favourite mug)

(my view outside)

(my view if i sit on the kitchen side of the table)

(our studio)

i'm always interested in creative workspaces, especially of people who work/craft from home. of course, it depends a lot on the kind of work you do, but i am inspired by people carving out craft areas and work spaces in the midst of LIFE, i.e. working/playing/crafting whereever they may find the space.

i wear many different hats, and have many different jobs, among which are mothering, homemaking, blogging/marketing for artsy ants, as well as writing and editing jobs. i consider all the creative/crafty stuff that we do as playing. it's mainly for fun and mainly for me and my kids. if i think of it, i snap a few pictures of the process and the finished product, but it's the playing and crafting that remains my focus, never making a certain craft "blog-able". we do all our crafting at the dining table.

nonetheless, i do need a workspace, especially for my online editing, writing, photo editing, blogging and marketing work. i spend my days with my two little ones, and thus i have found a spot in which i work, either in the early mornings or later in the evening or sometimes even within the wonderful chaos of it all during the day!

most of the time, i sit here at the kitchen table. i make a point of keeping the space clear, and to have coffee and a snack nearby. we do not use this side of the kitchen table for anything else, unless we have a crowd over for dinner, then we use it as a buffet. apart from that, it is clear most of the time. i make a point of putting my laptop away whenever i am not working. what i love about that workspace is that i am in the middle of the house, surrounded by the people i love. i love looking out into the front yard and watching the birds there. it is a south facing window, so there is plenty of natural light. right now i enjoy looking at the sun catcher out of fall leaves that i made together with my son.

the other photo that you see is a peak into our music and sewing studio in the basement. at the moment it is primarily a music room, but i hope for more sewing and crafting to happen in here in the years to come! i love the thought of being able to leave unfinished sewing projects on a table and not having to clear everything in time for dinner.

i am joining WeWork with this post in their campaign "Show Us Your Work Space". WeWork is a co-working company that transforms buildings into beautiful, collaborative workspaces so their members can focus on doing what they love. you can check their locations page here.

Oct 13, 2014

colored sticks: a ziploc bag painting project for little artists

when i saw this lovely colored sticks heart project i just wanted to give it a try. we collect sticks all the time, so it seemed like the perfect craft for us. painting sticks!

i saw another pin on pinterest in which paper leaves were placed in a ziploc bag for a no mess painting project. when painting on paper or canvas, i'm not so much worried about not making a mess. i find it is just part of the project. art! but painting something three-dimensional like a stick with little kids, well that's different, and a lot more difficult.

the ziploc bag idea was perfect for this! we chose different colos and squirted them into the ziploc bag, adding a little water. the kids loved kneading the bags and watching the colors blend! we then placed the sticks into the bag and continued kneading, more gently this time. after that we shook them onto a plastic bag (there is a newspaper on the photo but i took them off, seeing that the newspaper stuck to the sticks when the paint dried).

the last part of the project didn't really work out. i just didn't manage to get the heart together, i think my wire wasn't strong enough, the whole thing kept falling apart. so now the colored sticks are on our mantlepiece, sitting there and waiting for inspiration to strike as to what to do with them. in the meantime, they are perfect just for color matching and size matching games.

Oct 8, 2014

yarn along: a stripey tunic and moving on with reading

as mentioned before, i really love the emma tunic. it gets worn for such a very long time, and that thought makes me so happy while knitting it! so i cast on a bigger one for my little junebug, this time in a purple yarn, and i found some leftover mustard yarn to add a few stripes!

yesterday evening i started reading The Distant Hours by Kate Morton. i have read The Forgotten Garden and loved it, so i hope this one will not disappoint. it's good to have a book in hand once again and turn pages instead of reading on my (albeit much loved) kindle. i never finished the ebook The Little Snowbirds i spoke about last week, it just really frustrated me and i felt bad for not liking it, especially as it was a free review copy. oh well. 

joining ginny's yarn along again. what are you knitting and reading?

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