Aug 28, 2014

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you can find a small explanation about the project here.
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Aug 26, 2014

conquering wanderlust with small-scale adventuring

there is this german word, "Fernweh". it is the opposite of "Heimweh", which means homesickness. you could translate it with wanderlust (which in fact is a german word, too) but "Fernweh" has a stronger touch of longing and (almost painful) yearning to it. it is the word that best describes my mood at any given time. i carry it with me most of the time, but sometimes it hits me with full force: when i consciously look at an airplane crossing the sky, when there is a scent in the air reminding me of that time we left for a certain trip, when i spot my backpack in the storage room, when i'm browsing catalogues for outdoor gear.

be it finances, time issues, or the fact that we have 2 young children, it is simply not possible for us to set off on adventure trips whenever we feel like it. but while we're saving up and dreaming and planning that next travel adventure of our's, i'm always thinking of ways to keep that fire alive. i want adventures to be part of our everyday lives, not just that big trip we're saving up for. i like to call it small-scale adventuring.

i make a big deal about exploring and discovering, even just when outside in our backyard, or taking walks around the neighborhood. we plan day-trips involving hikes to nearby destinations. having a goal and reaching it on foot is so rewarding! we also make a point of having good gear. hiking is much more fun if you're wearing the right shoes and a good backpack. honestly, whenever i tie my hiking shoes and put on my backpack, i'm in "explorer mode". we pack our bags not only with water bottles and snacks, but with binoculars, bug magnifying jars, notebooks, pencils, and a camera.

i also love making packing lists. i try to focus on travelling light, and enjoy jotting down my travel essentials, sometimes even having a dry run to see if everything fits in my backpack. making up itineraries is another way of conquering my wanderlust. i love making research on different destinations, the sights to see, roads to travel and places to stay.

small-scale adventuring nurtures the adventurer in me, and hopefully also the adventurous spirit of my whole family. it helps us to appreciate how much there is to be discovered right at our doorstep, so when the time comes to pack our bags and set off for that BIG adventure, we're really ready!

what are some small-scale adventures that you enjoy??

Aug 21, 2014

notes from the august garden

august brought a shift to colder and rainy weather. we have still been spending lots of time in the garden though. our bean teepee hasn't grown as i expected, and i am taking notes about what to do differently next year. i will make the stalks grow zigzag in between the poles, this way the teepee will really close up. the beans had a hard time starting off, probably because of the snails. snails ate most of our vegetable plants in the beginning stages, so that i eventually pulled our zucchini out, since i felt that they just attracted the snails. i hope next spring will be less wet, which will hopefully mean less snails.

it is blackberry season, so we have been snacking a lot on the blackberries in our garden. now and then, i collect a bagful and pop it in the freezer, for a jam-making session on a cold winter's day.

something funny happened with the raised beds. we are still harvesting some radishes there, but the rest of the plants are just shooting out like that, from the compost that i layered under the earth. apparently there were remains of tomatoes that are now blooming (they will never make it, it'll be far too wet and cold for them to ripen) and some ginormous plant that i cannot even identify. can anybody of you? it looks squash-ish to me... isn't that wild?! i'm just leaving everything as it is. it looks pretty and plentiful ;)

what's growing in your garden? sharing garden notes with soulemama today.

Aug 15, 2014

an ocean apart :: 32/52 :: notes



you can find a small explanation about the project here.
2 sisters, 2 photos, 1 theme. have a lovely day!
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