nature walk details, and a painting wip

it's been way too long since my last blog post, and i don't really know how to go about this anymore. the biggest problem i always have is not knowing what to write, and after writing a few sentences i delete everything again. this is why i like simply adding a photo to our instagram account (@artsyants), because all i need to do there is write a tiny caption and i'm done. this past weekend i took a few pictures during our hike by a nearby creek, so i thought i'd share these on the blog, even if i don't find much to say/write to go along with the photos. but, after all, the beauty of creation speaks for itself :)

this fall has not been spectacular by any means when it come to foliage. we have have only spotted a handful of really nicely colored trees. that is a bit disappointing, but there are many other things to see and enjoy on a fall hike, that's why i focused in on the pretty details in nature.

painting wip

over past few months i have done far more sketching and drawing than i have over the past few years. i will share some of that in a future post (there are a few that made it to our instagram stream in case you're curious). for now i'll give you a glimpse of my latest WIP, it's a portrait painting. i never really learned how to paint, so every time i do paint i'm just figuring out things as i go. maybe i should watch some youtube videos, i'm sure that would teach me quite a bit. right now i'm nervous about continuing this painting since i'm afraid about ruining it, since as i said, i really don't know what i'm doing. if it turns out okay i might share the finished version.

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sylvia said...

I cannot wait to see the finished version!
and these are really cool nature shots!

Kim said...

Beautiful portrait! Great shots of the nature around you.

simona said...

@sylvia k. - it's still not finished, but I can send you progress shots :)

@Kim - Thank you!!

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